Biggest turn-ons

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I got a question today; what is your biggest turn-ons? So I thought I'd share it here.

The feeling of a growing cock is pretty great. When I either have it in my hand or mouth and it starts to grow and get big and hard. But that is nothing compared to the moment just before he cums. You know that moment when it goes incredibly hard and pulsates and the head swells to the point where it looks like it's gonna explode? And then it explodes. Gets me wet every time.

Another thing that turns me on is when I have a cock head pressing against my anus, just before the moment of penetrating. And then when the pressure increases and I feel my sphincter stretching more and more to accomodate the intruding cock, and finally when it pops inside. I usually get a small orgasm at that point.

So there you have it :) My biggest turn-ons.
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