Curveball Feb 22, 2011
So my wife is out of town for a few days and I was viewing a few videos to get in the mood for her return. Not that I really need the help to get in the mood, but it kills time. So I was watching this Anette Haven video where she was stand between two guys wearing underpants. Anette had on a t-shirt and was bottomless displaying a beautiful brunette pussy.

She begins to rub the two guys and then slips off their underwear very slowly and seductively. She then begins to play with them and gently stroke them until they begin to grow. She strokes them and they fondle her behind and her pussy. All the time all three are still standing. Eventually one guy comes on her hand and then the other. She holds up her cum covered hands and tilts her head back and closes her eyes and the video ends.

Nothing wild of course but erotic and different from the usual handjob videos out there.