Attitude is what makes the difference

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I am home, recovering from a week long bout with the flu. Bunnie has been doing a great job of taking care of me. I am feeling much better, but decide to stay home for one more day of rest. While Bunnie is at work, I start watching some of our home sex movies (more about that in a future post). Watching Bunnie "perform" with me always makes me feel better.

Around noon, Bunnie calls on her lunch break.

"How are you feeling?" she asks.

"Much, much better. Especially since I started watching our movies?"

"Really?", she exclaims. "Are you hard?"

"Like a rock", I chuckle.

"I'm coming home for a long lunch break", she says, and hangs up.

About fifteen minutes later I hear her car pull into the driveway. I look out our window, and see Bunnie getting out of the car, and running, not walking, to the front door. I go bad to bed, and I hear the door open and slam, then Bunnie's steps racing up the stairs as if she wants to get to something quickly.

Bunnie opens the door, I'm lying down, showing her my hard cock in full glory.

She doesn't say anything, but moves to the bed, pulling off her pantyhose and thong on the way. She gets on the bed, hikes her skirt up and goes on top of me in the 69 position. Her pussy is already wet and tastes great. She starts sucking my cock and unbuttoning her blouse at the same time, trying to free her tits so that I can fondle them. It just gets better from there...


Bunnie is very physically attractive to me (more about that in a future post). However the number one thing I love about her is her "attitude". Her attitude is what really enhances her physical beauty and makes it real. In my view, when it comes to enjoying sex, your partner's attitude trumps everything.

I can best describe Bunnie's sexual attitude with me as being curious, willing to try things, willing to learn, eager and joyful. It is similar to her attitude in her other pursuits. She likes challenges, and has has success in academia and publishing because she can quickly become an expert in her areas of interest. She seems to see sexuality as a challenge in which she wants to be the best for me - and thus the attitude. Many years ago Bunnie told me that for her, sex was the number one priority in our relationship, and she wants to keep it that way.

I also like how she nurtures her attitude by surrounding herself with close female friends who have the same view. That is easy when you are young, but gets much more difficult as one ages. I am thankful to see how see seeks out friends who encourage each others sexuality and believe you are never too old to enjoy it in creative manners.

I am glad I am the only one who gets to enjoy it. Call me selfish, but Bunnie and I want to be faithful to each other, but in that faithfulness enjoy ourselves fully. We want do whatever we can to keep things exciting. She is eager to hear my creative ideas and try them out. While all of them might not "stick", the vast majority of them do. This gives us a large repertoire of activities to enjoy with each other. That variety along with an attitude is why sex never gets boring for us.

When we first started getting physically intimate, we were both virgins. We had started out as acquaintances, then friends, then fell in love, then started dating. We dated for several months before beginning our sexual interaction. I did not want to rush things. I just had a strong feeling that things would take care of themselves over time, and they did.

Bunnie's curiosity meant that every time we went to a new "level" she would ask me questions. Did I like it? What about it did I like? On paper these may see annoying or strange or silly, but she really wanted to know and learn.

My patience and nurturing of that attitude has been very beneficial. Bunnie often jokes that if I had wanted her to do all of these things early in our sexual relationship, it would have overwhelmed her and she might have run away screaming. Instead, I did not push things on her, an let her get more and more comfortable with it. Over time, this had made her feel more comfortable and better enjoy the variety. Now she is at the point when she is eager for me to try more things with her, or do more of the things I enjoy with her because she enjoys them as well.

Take facials. The first time I ejaculated on Bunnie's face she did not know what to think about it. But she asked me did I like it, and why. I told her the truth - It felt good, and that she looked pretty to me with cum on her face. However, I also said that I knew it was for my benefit, and I would let her control when I could do this. Her response was "okay, if you like it I think I can get used to it". Gradually she not only got used to it, but liked it more and more. Now she has "interesting" ways to let me know how much she enjoys it and wants it from me (maybe more on that in a future post).

So overall, Bunnie's loving sexual attitude towards me is a huge foundation on which we can build all kinds of sexual excitement. It is a wonderful thing to experience!
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