Atheism. My take on the whole she-bam.

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I believe that MOST (not all, most) atheists tend to be privileged, college educated libertarians with serious superiority complexes who are always willing to argue, especially with Christians/”Christians”. In an interesting contradiction, their liberal bias toward Islam conflicts with their hatred of all things religious.

Atheists suffer from a rare, aggressive form of unwarranted self-importance, which causes them to invariably and vastly overestimate their own intelligence, completely unlike the religious. It’s mandatory for atheists, because if they’re not the geniuses of Earth, they’re forced into admitting that they’re not always right and they don’t know everything - No sir, that’s Christians!

Atheists have a mental commitment to let everyone know that people shove religion down their throats. They are, of course, oblivious to the fact that if they can call themselves atheists, no religion has been forced upon them so far, thus they fail to realize that by following atheism in such a militant fashion, they are shoving their beliefs down everyone’s throats far more than they accuse others of doing.

In fact, atheists are so fanatical that they go around foaming at the mouth for ‘rational’ debates. Upon watching an atheist in an argument, it becomes clear that their points consist entirely of condescension, lofty moralizing, and ‘clever’ quips about their opponents’ intelligence - in other words, atheists think that poorly assembled sarcasm amounts to a valid argument. They will begin by stating they only want food for thought to ‘improve their position’; five minutes later, they’ll state that talking to their opponent is like arguing with a brick wall. The irony of this statement is consistently lost on the atheist.

They believe that some philosopher (e.g., Friedrich Nietzsche, Richard Dawkins or Karl Popper) has proven atheism. However, they will of course dismiss any philosopher that believes in God.

The atheist argument runs thus:

God does not exist, and this is obvious, ergo

Anyone who believes in God is stupid, ergo

Any arguments that God exists are invalid, ergo

God does not exist QED MUDDAFUGGA

It is a known fact that every Atheist on YouTube is subscribed to at least 100 atheist YouTube speakers such as TheAmazingAtheist, and flood all of their videos, the ‘Other Channels’ section of their profile, and channel comments with advertisements about said speakers.


As much as everyone enjoys an atheist’s company, you will feel nothing but utter love being with what can only be described as ex-Christian-Atheists. Essentially, these are just faggoths who displace their rage at their church-going parents onto God. This is really not surprising. After all, how can an atheist believe in a loving God when they hate themselves?

More likely than not, these are the people you will see everywhere who try and scream on the internet without either THE FUCKING FURY or Exclamation points, so you have to have the pleasure of reading it all over again.

An example of such stupidity:

God is a myth made up by sheep trying to control more sheep.

It doesn’t matter that I’m 13. I’m still smarter than you.

I haven’t told my parents yet, because I’m still 27 and don’t want to move out for being a genius.

Since atheists don’t believe in God, they don’t care about morality, usually stating that they prefer rationality over your primitive ‘moral’ ideas. This makes them amazingly easy to troll. If I ask, “So are you saying that rationality is OBJECTIVELY BETTER than irrational morality?”, I can kick back and watch as the self-loathing God-hater ties himself up in knots trying to justify rationalism without morality.

Atheists are convinced that religion is the cause of all conflict and directly responsible for every war and murder that has ever occurred, when in reality it is just a source of major lulz for their more temperate kin. Atheists fail to realize that with or without religion, there will always be stupid people in the world who will fervently believe anything they read.

Failing to justify man-made morals, they resort to a comparative exercise. The main crux of their argument rests on body counts, but a short sample of atheist leadership data reveals a different picture.
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