another day

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Woke up grumpy after tossing and turning all night. I must stop calling her grumpy. Dopey would be more apt. She complained she didn't mind the tossing as long as I didn't wet the sheets but I have had to promise to stop turning her over.

After my toilet I went downstairs feeling like shit. That's unusual for me as I usual feel like cornflakes or a slice of toast. I turned the TV on by showing it my underpants. It didn't seem impressed.

Another uneventful drive to work. The roads were really quiet. Must be the new silencer I had fitted last week. I put a cd on but it fell off so I put it in the player instead. Nothing like a touch of Gary Glitter first thing in the morning. I've enjoyed him since I was a kid.

Bloody damp and cold in the office. I really must get an inside one. Staff are complaining about the toilet facilities. If a hole in the ground is good enough for millions of Africans I think they have a bloody cheek complaining, besides the bloody cheeks after one sat on glass yesterday made my day. health and safety are visiting today so I have made some concessions. I've lit an extra candle to warm the place up a bit and told the girls they no longer have to recycle the toilet paper. We are going to recycle the cardboard boxes instead.
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