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I had the most Amazing orgasms last night. I think he is finally coming to grips with the whole gushing and squirting! I'm going to try and give you a visual.

We were spooning. I was higher up than him so my shoulders were at his head. I'm short! His arms were around me, kneading my boobs and rubbing my clit. He started off really slow. He increased the speed and pressure of the rubbing. I felt this deep intense desire just building. A finger found it's way to my ass and just barely penetrated. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Next thing I see is a stream flying through the air. Finger releases and pressure increasing as he is rubbing my clit.. Finger goes back to my ass again and an even larger longer stream flies out and up! My body is already starting to shake.

I sit up and he lays back and i grab his cock, rock hard and waiting. Pumping it with my hand... He lays flat. Reverse cowgirl, with a twist.. One of his legs between mine. Me on my knees. I crawl on and he plunges in! Rocking and plunging. I'm rubbing all four fingers on my clit.. Sheer heaven or so I thought. I'm so beyond excited. I clench and unclench my walls, and that sends him engorging and pulsing till he cums inside of me.....I heard a huge intake of breath and a moan. He says it feels like I'm milking his dick. I'm still rubbing myself and my orgasm pushes him out and lets out a mad gush. I hear a sharp intake of breath from him. I Keep going and gush 3 more times completely drenching him. The longest and biggest orgasms of my life.

I want repeats of that everyday for the rest of my life!​
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