Airport Surprise!

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My work requires a lot of travel at times. My company pays me very well for it, and it is part of the job. But it can get old and boring; many times every airport, rental car, and hotel looks the same. Being away from my Bunnie is also not fun, but there is a definite bonus when I return. I do not masturbate when I am away because Bunnie wants me to "save it all for her", and she looks forward to me returning home and uncontrollably "exploding" any way I want with her. So, on my return trip home, that is all I am thinking about. I focus on that to the point of being barely aware of other things around me. As a result, Bunnie recently gave me a surprise that caught me off guard in a wonderful way.

I had been on a week long trip, and thinking of Bunnie on the flight home had me very horny. I happily daydreamed of taking Bunnie sexually every which way I wanted. When the flight landed I texted Bunnie that I would be home in about an hour, and she texted back that she had a "surprise" for me, which increased my eagerness to get home.

When the flight landed I grabbed my luggage, deboarded the plane, and quickly walked through the terminal, focusing on getting to my car in the airport parking garage as quickly as possible. It took some time for me to notice that someone was following very closely behind me. I did not turn, but maintained an "awareness" of that they were there. I was not concerned as we were in a public place, but I was already thinking if this person followed me onto the escalator or elevator, I would turn to see whom it was.

As I got on to an escalator I felt a hand on my shoulder - it was that person touching me. I quickly turned to see who it was - and it was Bunnie! :D

It took me a few seconds to realize it her - because she was in "disguise". She was hearing a hat, and under it one of her natural looking wigs she uses for our movies and for costume parties. She also had on dark glasses.

"What...!" I exclaimed.

Bunnie just smiled "Surprise! Welcome home!", and laughed.

I stared at her, my mouth agape in amazement and joy. I now noticed she was wearing a trench coat - not unusual as it was a cool day - but I could see she was also wearing white lace stockings. I knew she had on something under that coat to please my eyes.

"Stop staring at me like that, you're making a scene", she said, smiling, in a low voice. Then she kissed me and whispered "the fun has just begun. Let's get to your car first".

On the way Bunnie explained what was going on. She had been talking to her friend Kathy about missing me and doing something special, and Kathy mentioned as a joke "you could meet him at the airport and kidnap him to a hotel". This comment started the wheels going in Bunnie's mind. In short order she had booked a hotel room for the night near the airport and packed some sexy outfits. When she told Kathy that she was going to carry out the plan, Kathy volunteered to drive her, and also suggested it might be fun to "dress up" to greet me.

"I was nervous as hell", Bunnie said, "but Kathy stayed with me until we saw you come through the gate exit, then she left. I started following you to see if you would notice me, but you didn't so I had to grab you".

By now I was just grinning ear to ear. "This is grear... I can barely walk now and you know why". I was just hoping my arousal was not obvious to other people.

Bunnie held my arm tighter "That is the point", she said "We have the rest of this evening and the morning to take care of things".

When we got to my car, Bunnie took off her coat. Under it she had on a tight blue minidress that definitely showed off her cleavage and curves. She spun around and wiggled to "model" it for me before getting in the car. The dress, stockings, and heels she wore were a lovely sight too see. I was glad no one else was around, so I could enjoy this all to myself.

As soon as we left the airport property and highway, and were on a road with light traffic, I reached over and put my hand under Bunnie's dress to gently rub her pussy. As I suspected, the stockings were crotchless and she only had on a small thong over them. In no time I could feel the thong material over her pussy get damp as I rubbed it. Bunnie got a glowing, pleasant look on her face and made small squirming moves in the seat, enjoying my touch.

We were at the hotel in a few minutes. Bunnie kept her coat off, just holding on to my arm as we walked in. If anyone looked at us as we walked through the lobby I did not notice, nor did I care - my mind was already thinking of the room. As soon as the elevator door closed Bunnie started rubbing my crotch.

"I want to make sure you are still excited", she said as she rested her head on my shoulder. "You know you can do anything you want to me in the room..."

Her wish was my command. When we got inside the room and closed the door, I pushed by suitcase to the side, and grabbed Bunnie to kiss her and hold her tight. Bunnie started grinding herself against me. In short order I led her to the bed to sit down. She eagerly unzipped my pants to get to my cock as I pulled up dress and put my hand under her thong. We sat there kissing, Bunnie masturbating my cock and me fingering her pussy,until we could not wait anymore. Bunnie lay down and quickly slipped off her thong. I climbed on top of her still wearing my jacket and tie, pulling my pants down enough be able to kneel between her legs. I held them legs wide, by the ankles, soaking it the vision of her sexy and happy face, dress and stockings. Bunnie spread her pussy open with her hands, inviting me in. I quickly plunged my cock into her and we started fucking fast and furious. Needless to say it did not last long. It a short time before Bunnie started having the first of several orgasms, and within a minute or so I could no longer control myself and shot my stored up load in cum deep into her pussy. I stayed hard after I came, so I kept fucking, which brought great joy to Bunnie and gave her more orgasms.

I keep moving my cock in and out of her until I got too soft and slipped out. We lay next to each other, kissing as we felt each others bodies. Bunnie moved down on the bed to suck and lick my cock, while I reached into her dress to fondle her tits. A wonderful feeling of contentment come over me.

Bunnie looked up at me, continue to lick my cock as she talked to me.

"You made me cum so much... I hoped you enjoyed it..."

I smiled at her "It was so much fun. I want to get hard again to do more things to you".

"Well", Bunnie said, "did you notice what was next to the TV?"

I looked - and saw Bunnie had brought my digital camera/camcorder.

"You mean..."

Bunnie hid her face from me in my crotch. This sort of thing she enjoyed, but at times was shy about bringing it up directly.

"I just thought... we are in a hotel, no kids around, we have until tomorrow at noon...why not make some pictures and movies? You must think I'm awfully wicked to want that..."

I gently turned her head from my crotch so that I could see her face, which had a shy, nervous smile. I leaned down and kissed her. "I love you so much! You are so nice to me!"

After caressing and hugging a bit longer, we both agreed to go downstairs to get something to eat. We got up from the bed and just chatted about things as we changed. Before we left the room, Bunnie showed me the outfits she brought that she wanted to wear for the pictures and movies.

"I can see I'm going to have to keep my energy up for the rest of the night", I said.

"Don't worry, I see to it that you eat a good meal", Bunnie said. "But remember - too much dessert will slow you down. Instead of eating a lot of dessert, you should eat a lot of my pussy!"

"You always look out for me - I can't wait", I replied

"And just to be sure..." Bunnie pulled down the pants he had put on, to make sure I noticed that she was not wearing panties "You can think about this during the meal". :phat

To make an already long story short, after a quick meal we can back to the room, and spent the rest of the evening having fun with pictures and movies. Lots of pussy eating, cock sucking, fucking around the room, and cumming happened, all of it recorded for our pleasure. We finally feel asleep exhausted, but happy. Bunnie thought she had worn me out, but was happy to find that her "pussy alarm" that she woke me up with easily got me going again.The picture and movie making continued until we finally had to check out.

All in all, this surprise was one of the great times in my life. To be greeted at the airport by Bunnie by itself was great. But her attitude of being horny for all kinds of sex, as well as her wanting me to record as much of it as I desired, just raised things to an even higher level. It is wonderful to review the pictures and tapes we made and see how happy and eager she was throughout the episode. I am also pleasantly astounded on how Bunnie sees this as a great gift for her. A few days later, out of the blue, she gave me a little "thank you" note and wrote, among other things, "I don't know if I can surprise you like that again, but I'll be more than happy for you to take me to a hotel and treat me like that again, whenever you want". What more could a man ask for?

P.S. I ended up buying Kathy and her husband gift cards for dinner and a movie, as a way of saying "thanks" for inspiring Bunnie. There are a few hotels not far from the movie theater, and knowing them I think they may add that component to their evening. :)
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