Adult Chidren

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Silverette and I had a spat last night. It was about our daughter. She's about the only thing we fight about.

When she turned 19 she really made a change in her life. Started taking hard drugs which are affecting her perception of reality. Can't keep a job, constantly fighting with her supervisors. She leaves, then makes up, and goes back. I guess when she applies herself, she's a pretty good worker.

Then came the stealing. It was at this point that we put her out of the house. She lets her mobile go unpaid so we have no way to reach her until she reactivates. Then she acts like nothing's happened and nothings wrong.

She's having sex with a new guy almost every week, almost always moving in with them. I've tried to talk to her about safe sex and she tells me to mind my own business.

She posts every little detail on Facebook. A few months ago, I put her on my ignore list. I just don't want to read about what's she's doing. Sillverette reads it everyday. It's always more of the same thing.

We haven't had a call from her in over a year. She doesn't want to talk to me anymore because she thinks I'm psychoanalyzing her. I suppose I am. Yesterday, Silverette saw one of her posts and it really set her off. She wanted to me to read it. I let her read it too me. Our daughter wants us to give her $20,000. Not loan, give. We won't give her a dime. Silverette then goes on this tirade until she starts repeating her self, then I say it's enough.

Needless to say, last night was a quiet evening. However, when we went to bed Silverette rolled into me, cuddled against my chest, and I held her and rubbed her back.
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