a dream I keep having

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You pick me up for badminton, I climb in the car and we say our hellos, you smile at me and tell me about your day. We are coming up to the gym and you drive past it. I ask you where we are going and you glance over to me and say to “my place”, I’m thinking you just forgot something and we will come back. On the drive you place you hand slowly onto my leg, I glance over at you and you smile at me again. I then place my hand on yours. You hold on to my hand as you drive to the other side of the island as we pull up to your house you let go of my hand and ask if I want to come in for a bit. I’m a little hesitant but follow you in to the house. You make us a drink and suggest we stay in and you suggest we play games.

I can’t say no to you so we have a few drinks and play a few hands of cards, after a while you get up to make more drinks and I move to the couch, you come over and join me as you sit down , lean forward and gently kiss me, my breath catches and you sit back asking if I was alright, I told you I was fine I was just a little surprised, and I ask if we can try that again, I lean forward and kiss you gently at first then feel your arms wrap around me, our kiss gets deeper, more passionate as our tongues dance with each other, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. You break our kiss and stand up take my hand and start leading me to your room.

We are half way there and I pull you back,you see the desire in my eyes, I push you up against the wall and kiss you, my hands sliding down your body, my hands get to the top of your shorts and I slide my finger over your hard shaft, you suck in your breath at my touch. I get down to my knees and slide your shorts off you, leaving you in your boxers,your cock peaking out at me, I give the head a kiss and flick my tongue over the head, then slide your boxers off. I run my fingers up and down your shaft then wrap my hand around your shaft, I hear your breath quicken. Then licking your cock from the tip slowly down to base of your shaft then back up, then taking your cock in to my mouth slowly inch by inch. Until I get to the base of your shaft, slowly sliding back up then faster and faster, listening to you moan. My hand playing with your balls, your hands running through my hair as I devour your cock. You are against the wall unable to move. I’m bobbing faster and faster up and down you’re your cock, popping your cock out of my mouth every so often to lick and suck on your balls, then taking your cock back in to my mouth. You let out aloud moan and tell me that if I didn’t stop you were going to cum, I side your cock out of my mouth and give the head a kiss, you pull me up and kiss me,deeply and passionately, our tongues dancing with each others, as we kiss you lead me to your room, your arms around me sliding my shirt up my body as I take yours off. Brushing your fingers over my hard nipples making me shudder at your touch, I feel you smile as we end our kiss. My shirt and bra are off in one swift move you lay me back on the bed, our lips meet again and your hands on my breasts. I let out a soft moan as you kiss my neck, down to my breasts, kissing all around my nipples then taking one in your mouth sucking on it, then than other. Your lips leaving my breasts, moving down my body, missing my pussy, your hands caressing my thighs.

Your kissing around my pussy without touching it teasing me, my hands on your head, my fingers running through your hair. I feel your fingers slide gently along my pussy lips, I let out a soft moan, you feel my wetness and smile up at me and say “a little excited are you”I reply “that is what you do to me” You slide a finger in between my lips brushing over my hard clit, I open my legs more to give you more access. I feel you lay down between my legs. You give my clit a gentle soft kiss as you slide a finger in to me. I almost cum at your touch but hold it in as long as I can. You flick your tongue over my clit as your finger slides slowly in and out of me.. You feel my breathing quicken as you flick my clit with your tongue. My hands holding on to the bed as I feel a orgasm rising, you slide a second finger in to me, start to finger me faster, your tongue working on my clit. I tell you I’m about to cum. You feel my body quiver as my orgasm takes me over, I cum all over your fingers and mouth, you lick up as much as you can, I moan as you gently kiss my sensitive clit. You work your way back up my body,licking and kissing my breasts, and my neck. Our lips meet and I can taste myself on you, we kiss deeply, passionately, our tongues dance together, my hand slides down your body until it finds your hard cock. We break our kiss and I tell you how badly I need you inside of me. Your cock is against my pussy, I move the head of your cock over my pussy lips teasing you a little. You kiss me and slowly slide the head of your cock in to me, I let out a soft moan in to our kiss. You kiss me deeper as your cock slides all the way in to me. I wrap my arms around you as you slowly start thrusting in and out of me, you let out a moan, smile down at me then kiss me hard and passionately, my fingers digging in to your back. Our Kiss breaks and I beg you to fuck me harder. You start thrusting in to me faster, my legs wrapped around you. You bring me to the edge of climax then slow down, you lean down and tell me that you want to cum with me. Nibbling gently on my ear, then bringing your lips to mine. Kissing me softly as you start thrusting in to me, a moan escapes your lips and you tell me your close you thrust harder and faster, your hands playing with my breasts. I feel my climax building, your breathing quickens and I feel you explode inside of me as I cum all over your cock, as our breathing slows back down to normal you lean down and kiss me passionately, as you slide off of me. You take me in to your arms and we drift off to sleep.
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