17 Year-Old Boy Gang-raped by Four Girls

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I know that for some this might seem like the ultimate teenage boy's fantasy, but it must have been quite traumatizing for the boy, otherwise he never would have told his mother, who then reported it to the police as rape. You can read the original story here:


On the discussion board for the site, many posters are talking about how "lucky" the boy is for what happened to him. They just don't seem to understand that there are some teenage boys who would not enjoy being gang raped by four girls. Maybe he was a sensitive or shy lad, or maybe he was raised to believe that sex before marriage is wrong....or maybe he was gay. :shrug

Yes, there are many young men (and men in general) who don't behave like sexually driven animals willing to engage in indiscriminate fornication with anyone who comes along.

And yet, some of them were calling him a "lucky bastard."

Imagine the indignation and the outrage if this had been a girl sexually assaulted by four boys. I guarantee that no one would consider that girl lucky.
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