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  • Gummo
    We were sitting up in bed, watching the tube on a cold saturday morning, your warm skin making contact with mine in various spots. We had eaten the breakfast you made, and had a great fuck afterwards. That was an hour ago and the feel of your skin was getting me stiff again.

    I reached over and stroked your perky breast, thumbing the chocolate nipple.

    " ah hohny man...he he".............You giggled in your sweet Thai accent.

    You crawled out of bed and walked around to the end of it, standing in front of me, tight panties barely hiding the prize, perky Asian breasts wiggling as you patted the edge of the bed.

    "honey come.....come" said, smiling.

    I was clueless..... a blow job?....what the hell.

    "why over there"?....I questioned.

    "honey....come"? said with a deliberate pout.

    "ok, ok".....I sighed, not understanding yet.

    I leaned forward and crawled to the end of the bed, sitting on the edge, cock stiff as a board. You put your little hands on my shoulders and leaned into me, my hands slipping around your soft, petite hips.......thinking you were going to straddle me.

    "honey, want to see you come"......You whispered in my ear and backed away, smiling.

    " you mean....jack off"?....I asked , puzzled.

    "yes ...could you believe it"?..................again with the charming Thai english.

    You raised your hand in front of your crotch and made the motions....."chu, chu, chu"............making the sound as you stroked a ghost cock.

    "heh"................I said, feeling as though a great pussy was being wasted.

    You went into the other room and came back with some hand lotion, grabbing my hand and spilling a nice wad into it. You stepped back and wriggled out of your panties, kicking them to me, then began rubbing lotion on your tits......smiling sexily.

    "want to see honey" pouted again.

    Your lubed motions were erotic as hell, soft hands slipping into sweet places, breasts bouncing slightly as they were released from a roving hand, dark eyes half closed. I wrapped my hand around my hard dick and began to stroke slowly as you turned around and bent over. Your soft little hands jetting out from between your thighs as you lubed your sweet pussy.

    Now I was getting into it, as you raised a leg to the chair and rubbed it down, all the while watching my hand stroke up and down my throbbing shaft. I picked up your panties and smelled your sex, my cock responding with a nice wave of pleasure. Now the other shapely leg, working your thigh and ass, the other hand lubing your sweet, soft titties......oh fuck....I was really starting to feel it now. My hand on auto pilot, slipping around my swollen head and down again.

    This was feeling so good, I slowed for a second, making it last a minute longer, fucking hot woman. I watched your hands as they slid over every smooth, soft inch of you, my dick was slicking with pre come as I felt another small mimi orgasms.

    You smiled, coming a little closer, just out of reach, rubbing your wet pussy with lotion as I stroked a little harder. You were one of the sexiest women I had ever known, almost as perfect as it gets. You were really pushing into that tight, pink cunt and getting wetter. I felt another wave come and go as I jacked off a little faster, loving the newness of this.

    You saw I was starting to climb towards an orgasm as I stayed around my bulging head for a few seconds.....mmmmm yeah. Back down the shaft again, stroking, stroking, stroking. Watching as your hips swayed and your hands found your pussy, you stepped forward and rubbed your fingers over my lips and stepped back.

    Oh my fucking gawd, now I could taste and smell your pussy and I was sooo close. My strokes intensified as Another wave grew, this might be it....feels like it....feels like it....ooohhhh.....stoke after stroke pushed me into it......the smell of your tangy snatch hung with me....the taste of lotion and pussy mingled.....the sight of your soft female curves being lubed up in front of me...........

    You knew I was on the verge and you stepped forward and knelt in between my legs. I felt the come start to was.....I grunted and looked down at your sweet face, cock going into spasms as I crested and started coming....

    "Oh...fuck.....uuuhhhhnnnn....uuuuuhhhhhhhnnnn"... ..I groaned as the first stream hit your tits. Come spraying out of my red cock with every sweet, satisfying stroke as I grunted and groaned with pure orgasm....another strand hits your hand as you rub it in...giggling.

    "oh honeeeyyyyy....come baby.....come" coached.

    My cock spitting hot globs of come all over your titties, I jetted the last of it out of me, still stroking slowly as the pleasure faded......your tits covered.

    I finally let go of my still hard dick and looked at you breathlessly, your face a big smile.........

    "lot of come honey...could you believe it"?................

    You were adorable.
  • Gummo
    We sat at the table, waiting for our dinner, talking as we usually did. The conversation touching on many subjects as it ran it's course.
    You were stunning in your white silk blouse and black skirt, long dark hair cascading over your shoulders.

    I drank you in as you smiled and talked to me in your pleasant lilt, dark eyes warming me. I loved how you were very polite and conservative in public, but rocked my world in bed. I flashed back to the time we were jogging across a crosswalk, you in a rare moment, wearing a tight t-shirt...those big, firm tits bouncing as we ran hand in hand.

    The stopped cars full of gawkers, male and female alike, transfixed on this beautiful creature before them...I smiled. How did I get you, gorgeous hunk of woman flesh. Somehow the conversation turned to the sexes and our differences, truly treacherous ground, you had been emotional as of late because of my long absences.

    I made some wisecrack about women, how they were good for nothing...completely joking. I knew the minute it happened, your smile vanished, posture changed and you looked down. I was still tilting my wine glass, ready to drink, when you stood abruptly and said..........

    " I guess that means I'm good for nothing , right"?.........picking up your purse and briskly walking away.

    I was stunned. I thought for a moment and realized what I had done, setting my wine down and standing up. I walked to where you had retreated, the women's bathroom. I walked right in, not caring who was in there. In hindsight, I'm glad it was only you.

    You were standing at the mirror, angrily adjusting your sweet face when you turned to me and gasped loudly.

    "what are you doing"? said, panicked.

    "sweety, I'm sorry...I was being an asshole....there was nothing real behind it"....I pleaded.

    "get outta here, you're gonna get us in trouble" said, pushing me to the door.

    "baby c'mon....I didn't mean it"...I said, with a half laugh.

    "goooo" ordered.

    The door swung open as I was pushed to it, almost getting hit by it. It was an older woman and her young daughter.....

    "hello"....I said, smiling.

    They stood wide eyed for a moment, completely surprised by a man coming out of the women's bathroom.

    I moved past them, the little girl so cute as mom raised her brows.

    I made my way back to the table and waited, our food had arrived. You emerged from the bathroom and sat down again, looking at your plate....letting me know you were not happy. I pleaded as you ate in silence, tough nut you were...until finally, I sighed in exasperation and ate.

    The drive home was no different, you would not talk to me, I tried everything.
    I turned up the stereo, blaring the beatles "and I love her"...singing along and touching your arm and leg as I did.....................nothing.

    I tried singing it in my best sly stallone impersonation.............................nothing.

    I turned it off and asked if you had ever watched godzilla vs. king kong I my best jerry lewis/nutty professer voice....

    "well according to my calculations, uh...uh..if you watch it backwards, it is really just the story of two monsters that set their differences aside and a city.....mahoyvin glayvin and the hey hey".....

    You burst out laughing, that wonderful , sexy laugh of yours...and I did too. Hitching and snorting, we both laughed long and loud...trailing off into giggles. After the laughter subsided, I apologized again and touched your arm. You lay your hand over mine.

    "where do you come up with that shit"? giggled again.

    " I love you baby, I really do"....I said, meaning it.

    "I love you too"...You sighed.

    The rest of the way home you leaned on me and held my hand. I replayed "and I love her"....

    We arrived home and went into the house, me dropping my blazer on the chair by the door. I stopped you, turning you to me.....the kiss was so passionate, so full of desire....It cannot be described here. We went upstairs to the loft, the sound of us moving to bed like music.

    You went to the window and opened it, leaning out into the night air, lit by the moon and full of stars. I undid what you had done, turning out the light, the moon shining into where you stood, illuminating your pure, female silhouette.

    My god but you were a gorgeous woman. We were light years from the time we met in that motel room, you running from a loveless relationship, after all this time....I loved and wanted you even more. As you stood bent, half out of the window, I slid my hands around you and hugged words were said.

    You straightened and guided my hands to your big, firm breasts, I gladly complied, squeezing you up over your blouse, your head tilting back and filling my senses with the sweet fragrance of your luxurious, dark hair. You were absolutely intoxicating. The moment was intoxicating, crickets calling, cool night air, moonlight, stars and your sweetness had me reeling.

    I kissed the back of your head, drowning in your hair as I un-buttoned your blouse, each button a treat....knowing what was going to be revealed. I reached the bottom and the blouse opened to your beautiful breasts, packed tightly into a white lace bra. my hands slid up your warm tummy, finally being completely filled with the softest pair of lacey globes a man could ever dream of having in his hands.

    You muttered something I could not make out, something love like, as I stroked and squeezed your beauties. My cock getting very hard, very fast. I pulled your top off one shoulder and kissed the warm, soft skin there...still kneading the perfect tits with the other hand.

    "baby, I need you...."....I moaned.

    "I need you sweet man....make love to me" whispered sexily.

    The moonlight shone on your silken hair as I turned you to me. Kissing you was like a slow motion hurricane in my soul, standing in the eye of it....lost....but safe from everything.

    Your lips were potent and pleasurable, almost lurid in sensation, my hands finding the hem of your skirt and moving into heated territory. I bent you back a little as I pressed forward with my deep, wet kiss. God, you....this stunning woman......mine......going to have you.....every single inch of you.....powerful.

    We stopped our kiss and stood a moment, foreheads together, breathing kicked up.

    "baby"....I whispered.

    "mmm"? whispered back.

    "I love you"...I said earnestly, as I really did.

    You smiled and started us down a long, sweet path....kissing and caressing, as I got your blouse to fall....your bra to vanish......I was in love.

    Somehow, in the heat of our passion, you turned around hands searching, my face in your thick hair. Your nipples hard against the increasingly chilly air, I rubbed them lightly as you guided one hand to your panties. I found wet cotton over sweet cock almost blue.

    You moved almost out of reach, my arms trailing....placing hands on the window sill, half out of the window.....

    "take me baby....just do it....I want you to fuck me"..........You blurted out, soft ass on high.

    I rushed to you, grabbing your hips and grinding hard into your bloom. You could make a man come in his pants easily, you were that intoxicating. I lifted your skirt, fumbling for your panty line...I couldn't see it. As I felt your warm ass flesh...I found it.....wet in the back were ready.

    I peeled the cotton to one side and wrestled with my zipper....FUCK!!!....hurry up I thought. You swayed against me....I had to free my cock and peel the wet panties again, as my head found the opening to your hot snatch. I slowly pushed into your warmth, inch by inch.....ahhhh....I needed my woman.

    I began dragging my cock in and out of your sweet pussy, you vocalizing your heat. I was in heat too, every sound, every smell, the moonlight, your scent, feeling of your soft tits....every second an was sex on high. I thrusted harder.....neighbor's lights started to come on as you yelped for more.

    I leaned forward to kiss your back, pull your thick, dark began yelling FUCK ME.....FUCK ME....louder with each pump of my cock.....The moon on your back......I was building...I knew it was coming soon.

    Your round, white ass rippling with every stroke, big tits moving in time....FUCK!!!

    I needed to come, deep into you....I loved you and wanted to spill into you....stroking....pumping...fucking....your hot pussy making my cock percolate and buzz with sweet pussy. I had never known sex like this before you, everything so in place, everything so well fit and exacting.

    Your hot pussy brought me to the cliff.....made me teeter on the it it COMES...HERE IT COMES!!!!

    I fell......................................oceans of hot come.............................pussy in my in my heart...........................sooooooo blissssssful.........want to die like this..............................................

    coming and coming and were so beautiful,........................................ .................................................. .............

    still are.
  • Gummo
    It was one of those stupidly hot days that seem to increase gravities pull, the breeze feeling like a blast furnace. I had just arrived home from work and was climbing the stairs to our bedroom, thinking of a shower and your sex of coarse.

    As I topped the stairs and looked through the doorway, I saw you there, laying on your stomach with a magazine in your hand. You were wearing those super tight, pink shorts you loved and a small t-shirt. I stood for a moment, my dirty mind placing my face in your hot ass, the thought was highly arousing and I was already getting hard.

    You rolled over and looked at me, smiling as you pulled your tan legs up, bent at the knees. You let them open wide, exposing that sweet camel toe.

    "hi honeeey" chirped sweetly.

    "hi baby, you look beautiful"......I said as I stepped to the bed.

    I lay down over you, my weight still braced on the bed so as not to get you dirty, we kissed softly.

    "thank you, honey" whispered.

    I smiled and got up, heading for the shower. I stepped into the bathroom and started to strip off the days sweat and dirt. Pulling my jeans and briefs off, I could still see that tight slit of yours as you lay there reading, I groaned as my hard cock popped up and I started the water running.

    I took a long, cool shower, soaping up as usual, my cock getting a little extra attention while thinking of you. I finished showering and stepped out of the tub, looking through the door at you had taken the shirt off and now your satin buds were on display, my cock was still hard and I was meaning to put it to good fucking use in a minute.

    "Hell with it"....I said to no one.

    Skipping the toweling process and walking over to the bed where you lay glowing, your soft, tanned skin waiting to be touched. I was throbbing now, every fiber of my physical being humming at the thought of your wet pussy. You dropped the magazine and met my eyes, smiling sexily.

    I started to reach for your feet and you withdrew them and came up to your knees saying.....

    "wait honey, I have for you something"

    "what do you mean sweety"?....I asked, puzzled.

    "lay down honey" coerced.

    "ok"....I said, expecting anything , knowing you.

    I lay on my back as you stood and peeled off your pink shorts. Your pussy was so fucking beautiful, little patch of black hair above a sweet mound of pleasure. You stood above me and swayed back and forth as my eyes swept over your form, perfect tits, soft belly, sweet pussy, smooth legs, beautiful face ......mmmmmmmm I wanted to jack off, but I knew something better was in store.

    You lowered yourself down onto my raging hard on, not entering you. You leaned back on your hands, your glistening hot pussy facing my starving eyes. My cock was sitting firmly in the soft crack of your warm ass, as you reached forward and rubbed your pussy, sliding your fingers in and slicking them up.

    I moaned as you used your wet hand to stroke my cock, life can be sooo fucking good.
    My cock nice and lubed, you leaned back again and started sliding your ass forward and back again, my cock trapped in wet,soft ass crack. Your wet little pussy right in front of me, your soft tits jiggling as you moved, It took very few strokes until I was over the edge and shooting hot strands of come into my chest hair. It was sooo fucking good, almost as good as your tight pussy.

    I lay there for a moment enjoying your ass, you still rubbing my happy cock.
  • Gummo
    The bourbon was starting to kick in as you slipped into your short, tight blue dress. We did this as a ritual every year instead of going out. Stay at home and spend the evening taking sexy pictures of you.

    I readied the camera as the dress slipped deliciously over your petite, brown curves. Wriggling your hips and pulling it down over them, that dress was almost painted on. It was decided that you would not wear panties and I agreed of coarse. God you were beautiful, everything about you seemed so perfect.

    Hard nipples showing through that second skin we called a dress, you picked up my guitar and posed with it. You bent over to reveal some soft ass, I was starting to stiffen a bit, shooting as many pictures as I could knowing I wasn't going to keep this up without taking you before long.

    Turning around to face me, you cupped your sweet, perky breasts and made a kissing sound, your soft wet lips inviting me. I laughed and started to lose interest in taking pictures as you slowly turned it into a strip tease. I was fully hard and completely turned on when you walked over to me and got down on your knees.

    "oh my god".....I muttered, anticipating what was next. You started to unzip my jeans as you rubbed the throbbing bulge I was dealing with, and deftly un-buttoning me. You reached into my briefs and grabbed my cock.....

    "ohh honey...mmmm" purred, stroking me with your soft little hand, my aching dick still not released.

    "honeyyy, you need my help" said, smiling.

    "yes...yes I do"....I said weakly.

    You always blew my mind, such a lusty charm you had. You were always such a sweet, fantastic lay, making me come so hard sometimes, I thought I would pass out.

    You stroked me a few more times and adjusted your position, finally pulling my cock out much to my relief. Your sexy face looking up at me as you continued your slow stroking. My knees wobbled a little as you took me into your hot mouth....slowly swallowing most of me, your wet tongue flicking around my swollen head.

    Your movements were so slow and pleasurable, your powty lips sliding up and down my now wet shaft. I felt my come start to rise, your tongue flicking around as I felt the sweet build up. You withdrew as I almost came, pausing to lick my throbbing boner.

    I was almost drooling it was so fucking good, your lips working around my head. You moaned a little as I put my hand on the door jamb and you slowly swallowed me again. You started playing with my balls, gently kneading them as I felt the hot build up start again. I grunted as your tongue slid over my head, sending me closer to the close now.....

    "baby.....almost ....almost"

    Just as I was about to let go, you stopped and rose to your feet, grabbing my hand,dragging me to the bed. You pulled your dress off and bent over, perfect pussy, wet and ready.
    I slid my hot cock into that sweet sex and began thrusting hard...I still was not far from coming and the wave was coming back fast.

    Your head was buried in the bed as I fucked your tight pussy, every stroke calling a sea of sweet pleasure. I was right on the edge, hands gripping your round ass tighter as I felt the wave crest.

    I thrust as deep as I could go as I sprayed gobs of hot come into your sweet cunt, smelling your sex in the air as I grunted with intense pleasure. I could feel you contract your already tight pussy, making it even tighter as I shot my load, heaving and almost buckling in ecstasy.

    Staying deep inside you, pushing you into the bed, the last of my come spurted out of me and I was still. After coming back from that, I slowly pulled my satisfied cock out of your come filled pussy, wet with your sweet nectar and my spunk.

    I breathlessly kissed your soft ass and rolled you over. I began kissing your legs, slowly moving up to kiss your pussy, belly, sweet tits waiting. I spent a few moments enjoying your perky titties before laying on you fully and kissing your perfect lips.

    "I love you, sweet girl"
  • Gummo
    It was mid morning on a sunday, why we had not stayed in bed was a mystery to me....guess you have to eat some time. We sat across the table from one another, smiling as the bacon and eggs slowly vanished from our plates.

    You were such a sight, straight, waist length black hair, big brown eyes, brown skin and powty lips. Sitting there topless, your sweet, perky breasts sporting chocolate nipples, I was getting that feeling again and you saw it in my eyes.

    "honeeeeyyy" said, tilting your head and smiling.

    "I think you need to open up the gates of heaven again, and let the devil inside"....I answered firmly.

    We had just had a round of warm, sleepy morning sex that blew my mind....but I was getting hard again, your sweet little shape turning me on. I took a sip of orange juice as you stood up with your plate, revealing the tiny panties that hid your tight little pussy.

    You pranced away to the kitchen as my eyes traced the lines of your hot, soft ass. God damn I wanted to fuck you again. You were expert at making me want your sex, knew everything about what made me desire it.

    You walked back in, straight faced. Stood an inch from me and grabbed my plate, making sure your beautiful little breasts brushed across my face......that was it.....

    I grabbed you around the waist and pulled you to my lips, holding you firmly, licking and sucking your sweet tits. You made that noise that I love as you ran your fingers through my hair. Your hard chocolate buds were playthings for my hot tongue as my hands slipped down to your perfect ass.

    As I worked your tits, I could smell your were getting wet. My hand found the source, wet cotton clinging to it, hot, slick and ready for me. I stood and picked you up, carrying you to the big double chair in the living room, kissing as we went. You were always so good at this, your kisses going right to my reptile brain.

    I lay you down gently, kissing you again, one hand on a perky mound, the other stroking your soaking panties. My cock was raging now, aching and driving me to lay down on you and grind as we kissed deeper.

    "baby"? you always purred.

    "mmmm"?....I moaned as I kissed your neck, all the while dry fucking you.

    "kiss me there" cooed.

    "mmmm"...I responded, lifting from you slightly.

    I let my eyes drink you in for a moment, squeezing your soft tits, my cock had popped out of my boxer briefs and was dripping pre-come. I started kissing your nipples as my hand found your hips. You closed your eyes and moaned ..."yeah baby.....yeah".

    You loved to talk like that, purring and moaning your way to orgasm, and I loved it too. I slowly placed wet kisses down your belly, past your tattoo, blowing on them as I went...."baby....oh" shifted your hips and spread a little wider.

    I finally reached your soaking mound, stroking my cock as I arrived. You smelled fantastic, my senses over run with pussy as I opened my mouth and met your panties like it was an ice cream, slow and firmly sucking on the sweet taste of your hot cunt......", oohh"....fuck, I thought I would blow a wad right there, so I let go of my cock for a moment.

    My hand free to roam now as I kissed and licked that hot, tight little pussy, making you shift again. My face was becoming soaked with your wet sex, I peeled the dripping panties to the side, revealing your straight black hair and sweet pink lips.

    "...yes baby...kiss me there" whispered in heat. Your adorable Thai accent made it sound like kiss me "dare"....gawd you were sweet. I slowly worked around your clit as you pushed into me...."baby....."......

    "mmmmm".....I mumbled, a mouth full of hot pink. Carefully avoiding your spot, I flicked my tongue around your lips, and let it dart into your tight pink hole....making you squirm again...""'baby....ooohhhh" were starting to climb. I sucked on you again and let you enjoy it for a few seconds...."Baby yeah....." a little louder this time.

    Your pussy was so wet it was running down my chin and into your ass. I pressed in, my tongue moving in on your clit as you began bucking....."BABY....." louder again...the bucking was getting more pronounced now.
    I went for broke and pressed into your slick, hot said the words that I always waited for...." HELP ME BABY" My tongue bore down on your swollen pussy as you went into your orgasmic wail, writhing and bucking against my hot tongue. You were loud and I always LOVED that.

    As you subsided into the usual little moans that sounded as though you were about to cry, I stood and grabbed my cock, face dripping. I lay on you, rubbing my cock over your wet panties....."baby'''fuck me....fuck me" peeled your panties to the side again guided me to your pussy.

    I slid into the tightest pussy I have ever been given and began thrusting, kissing you, your sweet juices all over our faces now....."baby....fuck me"....."ooohh fuck sweety"...I grunted as my aching cock slid in and out of your hot pink. Your firm, petite body writhing beneath mine. I was at the mercy of your tight cunt, and it showed me none. I wasn't going to last long...I was already damned near there, your pussy was just too fucking good.

    Here it comes...."fuck me baby......come baby"....."yeah...ooohh....come baby"
    I gladly gave you what you wanted, reaching the paradise stroke, it was like slow motion, driving my spurting cock deep into sweet pussy. The jets of hot white......I was coming hard.

    I miss her :drool
  • Gummo
    It was raining harder than I'd ever seen here, the downpour knocking small branches out of trees as I half jogged across the motel parking lot, anxious to get to your room.

    I climbed the stairs, the wind tugging at my jacket, slipping once on a saturated tread. 104, 105, 106, you were in 110 and I had not seen you in days, skin hunger surging and swimming in recent memory of you.

    108, breath a bit labored now, rain pushed in below the eaves as the wind threw it around. 109,..........110........I paused. When I knock, you will be standing in front of me was a mental image to be savored.

    I remember even now, how you looked when I first laid eyes on your beautiful form. Snug jeans, white blouse, working server at a local haunt of mine. My friend waved his hands in front of my face...."helllooooww"...he said annoyed at my slack jawed ogle.

    "who the fuck is that"?....I said, unable to break away. Your hair fell about your shoulders, framing the face of an archetype, a woman I had seen in my dreams....over and over....elusive....and, right in front of me.

    I stood at the door for a moment more, raised my hand and knocked twice. A violent gust of rain laden wind whipped through the railing behind me as I cleared my throat. It was fairly late, almost eleven p.m.

    The knob began to move as I shivered with anticipation at seeing you in front of me again. the door opened a crack, your eyes regarding me for a second, then swung wide as you stepped to me. The feel of your warm curves in a welcome embrace, sent me to my center.

    We broke our hug and you pulled me over the threshold, shutting the door. I turned and you placed your finger over my lips, shushing me. You then pointed to your six year old son, sprawled on the floor next to the television.....I nodded. I took a moment to drink you in, my eyes roaming freely as you smiled broadly.

    You had been in bed, wearing only a long t-shirt, one that barely covered anything below your sexy hips. Your legs bared and slightly crossed, coffee eyes pulling me in.....fantastic looking woman, the kind of woman that brings a man to his knees with no effort at all.

    I stepped forward and slid my trembling hands across those hips and tugged at exhaled slightly, looking up, lips parted.....I paused....your eyes so dark and gorgeous.

    "maybe we should get you out of those soaking clothes" whispered.

    "yes....yes we should"...I answered in a hushed tone.

    I tugged harder as I lowered to kiss you...soft at first, growing in intensity, hands beginning to move on their own. God what a perfect, beautiful woman. I was completely in love with you and did not care who knew it, you were absolutely hypnotizing.

    You broke from me and pulled on my hands, dragging me to the bed. You began working my pants and zipper....."wait"...I said.

    I lowered to my knees as I escaped my jacket and shirt, you flipping your sweet black hair to one side. I ran my hands up your outer thighs, you responding with a soft little moan and slightly parting your knew what I wanted.

    I saw that you were nude beneath this shirt that blocked my passionate advances. I gently persuaded you to lay down on the bed with my wet hand, pushing the t-shirt up to your navel. You responded so sweetly, spreading your legs wide.

    My hands found your fleshy ass, my feverish lips found your sweet womanhood. Wet already, my tongue searching every fold, slowly absorbing every nuance, every hidden place, every drop. Your scent heavy on my tongue and lips.

    I was swimming in you, I was in that place so involved as to let go of everything I had ever held dear....just to taste you. Magic. Never have I had a woman so painfully and chemically spectacular. In these moments, I was living a driven dream of lust and absolute desire.

    I continued as my hands slipped up under your t-shirt, finding the full, ample white flesh of your breasts....kneading and searching out the pink nipples that crown the mounds you hide so deftly from prying, public eyes.

    Your scent covering my face, I stand and frantically get out of the straight jacket my aching cock has been trapped in. Pinning your arms over your head, I lay on cock screaming for your sex. I push that damned shirt up and out of the way, exposing the creamy soft satin of your breasts.

    We kiss, languid, like liquid fire....a screen kiss. I work my way down your curves, the television illuminating every lusty path. then back.....cannot stray far from your wet lips.

    Every kiss I leave has your scent, the air changes when I smell your is everywhere my lips have been. I cannot wait any longer, we kiss again as your hands make contact with my painful throb. I grunt quietly as you first touch me there, guiding slowly.

    I raise up to see your warm, sexy brown eyes.....and you do. My smile dissipates as I push forward. Your neck arches, lips parting as you let loose with a gasp....I pause...only just having my head inside. Stupidly....I put my finger over my lips and you giggle.

    Your squirming makes me feel as though I will not last long, you....this most beautiful woman I have ever did I get you?.
    I pushed forward again, sliding in to the hilt. I know heaven, I am familiar with it...upon tasting your sex.

    I stop as deep as I can go and our lips meet again. You are the most sensuous woman I have ever known, so full of passion......I am in love.....said over and over again in my head as I begin to thrust slowly.

    The smell of your sweetness in the air has me trying to hold back the tide, breasts moving in time, eyes flashing, sexy hushed moans in my ear. You are every man's dream...and you are giving me your secret things this moment.

    I feel a wave building, one that will surely drown us both. I move a little faster, each stroke bringing me to the crest.......

    You moan again, I am so affected by your sweet voice, it moves me closer,.....closer....closer with every sound that falls from your perfect lips.....closer.

    Your hot, silky womanhood trying to coax me....trying to push me.....trying to bring me to you......

    My strokes become feverish, I am almost there sex in yours......thrusting....your soft skin, voice , pussy tugging at my wave....

    You shudder and pull forward, I know you are coming...and it sends me over the edge into a raw, sexual place I want to be with you....My body heaves as I fall into the cock spurting gobs of hot come deep inside of your sweet nectar.....everywhere......everywhere......

    We lay breathless for a few moments, then both burst out laughing.

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