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    So there I was, it was my first year out of highschool and I was young and dumb. I had moved just across the state line and took a job in a weld shop, not a bad gig but mostly it was away from my parents and I wanted to learn what I was. It only took me a couple weeks and I was working a ranch just north of town riding line, the Foreman seen I could ride and rope and he encouraged me to rodeo, what the hell I thought, I am not going to be young forever.

    So after calf roping with him a couple weeks I was heading the calf quick, we decided to give it a go at a small local arena and headed out. We got signed up and my nerves were a wreck, that was when Bob reached under the seat of his truck and pulled out a pint of whisky, just a shot to ease the tension. This was the first time I competed in front of a crowed. That is also when I met Susan, she came riding up and ask if I was OK, I told her why I was nervous and she slid off her horse. Bob just smiled and said to meet him in the stable to saddle the horses.

    Susan walked over to me and looked into my eyes, she said not to even think of the people in the stands. They were not there, this arena is just like the one I practice at and to only focus on that, then she wrapped her arms around my neck and planted one on the lips. She whispered in my ear that if I placed she would have more than a kiss for me later that evening, then she rubbed my erect cock trough my jeans and told me to win.

    I walked back to Bob and the horses after getting my gloves and rope out of my truck. Bob smiled at me and ask what Susan said as my normal cocky ness was back in full effect. I told him she wanted me to win, I saddled my horse and we did just that. The pot was not a big one, but it paid for my booze and gas home. Susan caught me after and gave me another kiss and told me that was a good ride, and wanted to know if in was ready for the big prize, then we got in my truck and was getting ready to head out when Bob caught up and ask where I thought I was headed. I told him I was going back to the barn to wait for him. He smiled at the two of us in the truck and slapped my arm and told me he would take care of it.

    My place in town was a cheap one room shack, nothing fancy but it had everything I needed, a bed and a microwave. Me and Susan pulled in just after one in the morning Saturday morning and the ride had been fun, she had pulled my pants open and was teasing me all the way back. In front of my place I zipped up. I opened my door and she climbed out behind me, I opened the door and was very surprised by what greeted me.

    Becky was laying on my bed buck naked and playing with herself looking at polaroids I had taken with other girls, Susan walked in right behind me rubbing my crotch and laughed. You did not tell me we were going to have a guest when we got here, I could only stare at Becky, she had been my neighbor for three months and never expressed any sexual attraction to me. I did not expect any guest size. She laughed again and Becky jumped out of bed and ran to the window I left open.

    Before she bolted size hollared for her to stop and Becky froze, where are you going to run off to naked like that, besides, it it rude to get in a mans bed like that without letting him check out the goods. Becky turned, covering herself with her hands and ask us not to call the police. Size just laughed and closed the door. Tell you what pung lady, get over here and help me get his clothes off and we will all discuss it in bed. My cock stood at full attention and both girls noticed it, Becky smiled and said she wanted to see if my dick was really that big.

    Size started kissing me and undoing my shirt while Becky started undoing my pants, when she got them open and dropped them to my ankles she took my manhood full in her mouth, then size dropped to her knees and pulled Becky back off me. Have you ever kissed another girl she ask? Becky said only once on a dare. Size looked at me and told me to lay down and started taking her clothes off, she told Becky to come kiss her and she did it.

    After size was completely undressed she moved them to the bed and size told becky to kiss her with my cock between them, admittedly it was the first threesome I was ever in, and size quickly realized that, and the experience is one I have never forgotten. They both rode me, we all took turns going down on each other, I ate both their pussys while they came on my face, none of us got any sleep that night, and all of us were more than happy. Next morning size got up and called her sister that lived there in town, she sucked me off one more time and left. Becky was still there and said she needed to get home but wanted another load before she left. I told her we should take a shower and give me a chance to recoup, she agreed.

    After we got out she pulled out the bottle of lube she was using the night before while playing with herself and told me she wanted my load deep in her ass, she put lube on my cock while tracing her young on my neck and nipples the got on all four, I slid in and she started bucking me, telling me to her in deeper and pound her ass, she started cunning and then I did too. We both collapsed on the bed and held each other and fell asleep. When we woke up we went at it bone last time and took a shower, she got dressed and left, I went to the bar with a big shit eating grin. Thatsvwhen I met Samantha.
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