You’re the boss

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    “You’re the boss”

    We talked about it for weeks, you really were not game for it but you really surprised me when you said finally “yes”.
    You were to be my love slave for the weekend!
    It was really nothing fancy- you were to do what ever you asked. The trick was getting you to the point of being “not in charge”. You had never been one to take orders or allow someone to be in charge over you. This would be a challenge to your most basic make-up. You had to be willing to allow someone else to be in control. You had made me promise that I would not do anything to hurt you, which in NEVER would have. I have never been dominant in our marriage and certainly not in our sex life. I had always put your pleasure and comfort above mine. We talked briefly Friday night and choose not to get into the “Master/Slave” and instead would use one of our common “terms of endearment”. I was to be Honey AKA “master” and you were to me my “sunshine” AKA slave. One thing was clear thiugh, I was to be firmly in control of our weekend, starting Saturday morning.
    It was nice to have you home on the weekend. Kiel was helping mom and dad for the weekend they were painting the house- we were all alone. I woke earlier than you did, like most mornings when we were able to sleep in. I stared down at your sleeping form, eager yet nervous to start our day. I had decided that we would stay home most of the day. Like most mornings I had woke up with a raging boner. I gently nudged your backside with it, causing you to awaken. You looked at me and smiled. “Good morning honey” you said. I knew then that you were going to do your best to keep to our agreement- it made me feel good inside that you were finally going to let me be your protector, your leader, your master. (even if fore just a little while.
    You beamed at me with your beautiful blue eyes and said “what can I do for you honey”? was ready to jump your bones right then! But I knew this was something that may not happen very often and I wanted to make sure I took advantage of it! “Yes sunshine, in the bathroom is one of my long sleeve shirts, that is all that you will wear today, do you understand?” “Yes honey, will there be anything else?” I thought carefully about this, I really wanted to make sure I keep you on your toes but not degrading you in anyway. “Yes sunshine, I would like some breakfast, with coffee.” You happily went to put the shirt on and then went to prepare breakfast.
    We spent most of the day doing normal things. The difference was that the only thing you asked all day was “Is there anything I can do for you honey?” Every time you asked me it brought a smile to my face the think that you were willing to do this for me.
    Evening came and I had a special surprise for us. I was taking you to dinner and dancing! I told you that we were going to shower before we went out and looked at me and asked “what would you like me to wear honey?” I thought for a few moments and a grin came to my face and you knew I had something up my sleeve. As we showered, you took special care to wash me “all over”, I really enjoyed the special attention. As we stepped from the shower, you carefully took the towel from my hands and carefully dried every square inch of my body.
    As I started to pull clothes for us to wear form the closet you went to get a bra and panties to wear for the evening. I picked out a skirt and blouse for you to wear and laid them out on the bed. As you slipped your bra on I said “sunshine, there will be no panties tonight”. You looked at me with shock and a little fear in your eyes and tried to protest. “Sunshine- you agreed!” I said forcefully. You finally submitted, knowing that no one but you and I would know that your were bare underneath.
    We went out and had a wonderful time. Every once in a while you would lean over and whisper something in my ear about how turned don you were and how you wanted to get me home and “take care of things”. I was more than willing but also knew I needed to remain in control.
    When we got home you could barely keep your hands off me. You said “what would you like for me to do for you honey?” Well this sounded like a good time to ask for a backrub!
    We both stripped and I laid down on the bed, you sat on my butt you worked your hands over my back and then you scooted back and sat on one of my legs, grinding yourself against me to as you worked on my ass cheeks. You moaned, feeling yourself become more aroused. I felt very relaxed, more than I have in years. As you came to your first orgasm of the night you finally asked me, “Can you please rollover honey?” “May I please make love to you honey?” it was like music to my ears……you placed yourself on top of me a we made wonderful love together.

    Next time “You’re the boss” sunshine!