Xmas ideas on-line worth considering for Australians

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    I think Ive put this thread in the right place plz let me know if I havent of move for me :)

    Ok all you hot Aussie Aussie Aussies Oye Oye Oye...

    Ive come across 2 awesome sites in Oz worth looking at if yr stuck for ideas for something "special" for your lady or hottie fella

    I think its pretty obvious I adore sexy lingerie and bras... my boss put me onto these sites and Ive been flat tack like a lizard drinkin and spend the dosh....these 2 sites I can state offer reasonable priced lingerie.. the quality is awesome, delivery is quick and any returns are not a problem...I would also like to mention I have no association whatsoever with thee sites except as a obsessed buyer lol yup I went shopping again today and bought more raunch gear...

    Fantasy Lingerie - Australian Online Lingerie Store | Fantasy Lingerie

    Ive also bought the costumes coz I love to dress up and role play and yup the ole power tools arent too bad either ... lol...pssst buy the e vibe... purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Cowabunga DUDE!..Baci brand is exceptionally tiny so a 12 would actually be a 10...


    Buy Lingerie, Swimwear, Maternity Clothes & Bras - Zodee

    OMG.. the bras and knickers here which some youve seen in my pics are wow.... I LOVE THEM....Fayre form is a amazing fit if your rather heavy chested.....Elle McPherson bras are on the tiny side so Id recommend going up 1 of your normal fitting...

    If anyone needs any help knowing which sizes are generious sizing plz ask and Ill assist whereva I can....

    NO FELLAS I aint modelling for ya... dream on... lol ok Im a exhibionist.. stay tuned for chomp chomp pics lol
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