Women, how long would you perfer your man would penitrate you?

Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by jgood4u, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Jul 27, 2007
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    How long from penetration to orgasm, is another topic in this forum that asks men and women about that timing.

    What we want to learn here is how much time you women would like to have your man's penis in your vagina, if you could make that a choice of your's alone. Maybe you like to orgasm shortly after he enters you, or maybe you would like him to stay connected with you for a long time, but then, you might reach a point when your vagina gets too sore and you just need it to be over with. If you could just "dial your man in" to the right time, about how long would you choose, and what is the significance of that time for you? Maybe you don't orgasm from penetration and you are just providing relief for him?

    What kind of movements would you like him to do with is penis while it is inside of you, or do you prefer to make the movements?

    Talk to us about your ideal!
  2. Bluesy

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    Aug 18, 2006
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    Not too long...around ten minutes is ideal for me. I'd much rather build up to an orgasm through other means (foreplay, oral), then use intercourse as the finishing touch.

    Oh, make no mistake, it still feels good, even when I haven't orgasmed from it :) (There are exceptions...I've rarely felt anything pleasurable in certain positions--doggie, cowgirl.)

    If I'm near orgasm, I like it hard and fast.
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