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    Last night we were watching a ball game on TV when we started fooling around. She grabbed my dick as I played with her boobs. She said that she needed a dick bad so I went in the bathroom and shaved. In cas we wanted strap on sex I used an enema to clean out followed bu a shower. DW came in and trimmed her pussy before showering. She has beautiful pussy lips. She showered as I prepared the bed for fucking.

    I laid our lube and toys(vibrators, dildos, prostate massagers and strap on toys) out on the bed to be ready. I took out some of our sex DVD collection so we could select a porno to watch. When she came into the bed we looked through the DVD'S to select one to watch. We selected a gangbang DVD(Lena Cova's First Gangbang). As we began watching DW rubbed some lube on her pussy as I lubed my dick. There were five guys and one gal in the movie. We masturbated together as we watched the sex activities. DW loves to see guys masturbate. In this movie some of the guys masturbated while others were either fucking or getting a blowjob. We talked about the dicks and the fucking that we were watching. She rubbed her clit as she was getting so hot. Her pussy was dripping with her juices. All of a sudden she started cumming as I went down on her. I love to eat her while she cums. She had a wild orgasm. Then she said that she wanted some pussy juice so we kissed deeply as we shared her juices.

    She said she wanted my dick in her so inserted my dick in her as we just lay there enjoying being so close together. After a few minutes she said that she really would like to suck my dick. Sounded good to me. She took our vibrating prostate maassager lubed it and inserted it in me. It felt so good. I held it in as she inserted one of our realistic vibrating dildos in her pussy. It is so hot watching her fuck herself while she gives me a blowjob. She is an expert at sucking dicks-the kind of woman that men dream of. It felt so good especially with the prostate vibrator. I was so hot that in a few minutes I filled her mouth with cum as she had another orgasm. She then kissed me sharing my cum with me.

    What a great fuck as we went to sleep satisfied.
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