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    Went to bed after showering. Lay all our toys and lubes out on the bed for easy access as we selected a sex DVD to watch. The DVD (Shades of Sex) It has a scene where a group of guys are in a board meeting and start looking at pictures of gals as they begin masturbating together. DW loves to watch men(including me) masturbate. Two gals come in and start talking about the guys masturbating. DW grabs a realistic dildo and inserts it in her pussy as I masturbate. She is so hot fucking herself with the dildo. The gals in the DVD start giving the guys handjobs and blowjobs and DW starts cumming as I go down on her. She tastes so good. Then they start fucking and DW says "Put your big dick in me and fuck me deep and hard". As I put my dick in her DW talks about the dicks on the DVD. Then she grabs a dildo and starts sucking on it as we fuck. We are both going wild. I thrust my dick deep inside her as she talks dirty. Then suddenly she says "I'm cumming". That does it for me as I start cumming-filling her with cum. We just lay there for a couple of minutes with my dick inside her as we told each other how great a fuck it was and how much we loved each other. I withdrew and she licked the cum off of my dick. The cum was comming out of her pussy as I went down on her. I love to see the cum come out of her pussy. Then we kissed and off to sleep.
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