Wife's Occasional Irritation From Massage

Discussion in 'Sex and Relationships' started by Logger, May 23, 2007.

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    Usually massage proceeds along witgh pleasure.

    Occasionally, I will misjudge my wife's feelings/pleasures, and she will feel irritated by my massage pressures.

    So my approach has been to recoil. Once I sense my wife's beginning to feel irritation, I back off completely.

    I suspect there is a sequence of recovery of desire for contact, as time elapses since her feeling irritated.

    There should be some good name for this period of being left untouched, as her feelings of irritation subside, become neutral, and then change into a desire to be caressed again. Maybe something like rejuvination, or afterglow, or recovery. Maybe a Massage Break.

    Some men give up after an expression of irritation from their woman.

    I find that my woman's desire will increase, if I wait about 3 minutes. Some guys report 7 minutes to wait.

    The time spent should be in mentally reconstructing the next approach, to massaging which areas of my woman's body.

    In addition, there should be a recogniton of the steps to ecstacy. Sometimes I feel disappointed that my wife has felt irritated by my caressing/massage. But I should find pleasure in relaxing for a break from caressing, and feel pleaure flowing up in me, and transmitting to my woman. The break times should be something to look forward to as inevitable, part of the path to pleasure.

    Sometimes I will delay starting to massage my wife, in thinking of avoiding the period of her feeling irritated. I am trying to change my thinking to starting earlier, and being more ready to find ways to enjoy the Massage Break.
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