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    It was a cold rainy night. My wife Misty was leaving the bar. The party lasted way to long she thought. Driveing through town cautously. Fealing the buzz from the mixed drinks she consumed.She exits the freeway. 10 more miles. Anxous to get home and out of her tight jeans and high heels. She pushes the acelarater. Her 5.0 Mustang speeds to 90 M.P.H. Blue lights appear behind her. After pulling over she lights a cigarette. Hopeing it would kill the smell of booze on her breath.The officer knocks on the window. She rolls it down. The toxic smoke mixed with booze and her purfume tells him every thing he needs to know."Ma'am I need to see your license." She fumbles through her purse and hands them over. He returns to his car to radio dispatch. Discovering her previous drug possesion conviction. As she sits nerveous smokeing her cigarette. She opens her coat and adjusts the red V-necked sweater shes wearing. Thinking he might let her go. If he likes what he sees. "Mrs. Jones I need you to step out of the car.""Ugh...Why?""Sobriety test Ma'am." A light cold rain falls. She climbs out of the car and follows him to the front of his car. He puts her through the paces. Balanceing on one foot then the other. The finger to nose thing. Then walking toe to heel 10 paces and counting out loud."Mrs. Jones Your under arrest for drunk driveing.""But I'm not drunk!...Ugh...Like This is hard to do in heels."Standing with her hands on her hipps He shines his flashlight down at her feet and studies her black 5 inch peep toe pumps."Take them off and try again""No way! It's freezing out here!" "You can look forward to taking them off at the station. Put your hands on your head and spread your legs."He starts to frisk her. Over the long leather trench coat. He then goes inside it fondleing her big breasts."Don't you suppose to have a female do this?""She will at the station."He continues his search feeling her plump ass. Then squeezing her crotch. Slowly he moves down both her legs."I love busting sexy ladies in heels."He coments as he caressing her nylon clad ankles."Are you wearing pantyhose or stockings?""Now thats none of your business!"He hand cuffes her."I'll find out later. You will be taking them off also.""Great I guess you will like that."He smiles and puts her in to the car. He returns to her car to search it. Finding a bag of pot under the seat."Looks like your in big trouble now Mrs. Jones." She sits silent for the ride to the jail. Holding her by the arm he escorts her in to the station. Everyone turns and stares at the sexy blonde in the heels,trench coat and sun glasses. They stop at a large steel door. A loud buzzer sounds as the door opens.It slams behind them. A long brightly lit hallway awaits her. The erotic click and clack of her high heels on the shiney tiled floor. Echoes through out the building. A large black man was mopping the floor. He steps out of the way."Be carefull Miss. The floor is wet."She ignores him. After she passes he takes out his huge black cock and strokes it. Watching untill she is led in to a room."I'm Sgt. Tyrone Jackson."Introduceing himself as he takes the cuffes off. He takes hold of her trench coat and tossesit out of the way. He looks her up and down from head to toe."Have a seat Mrs. Jones."About that time a tall,busty red head walks in. The look of shock appears across my wifes face. As she notices the lady in charge. Connie Willson my ex girlfriend from high school."Well look who we have here.""You know her?""Oh yea we go way back. Don't we Misty?" She picks up and emties my wifes purse on to the table. She paws thrrough all her stuff. Makeup,tampons,birth controll pills,cigarettes. All the usuall stuff a young lady caries around. But the strap on cock gets her attention."Who you use this on?""Thats none of your business!""I'm looking at the one I'm going to use it on! On your feet young lady!"Misty gives her a pissed off look. "Take the sunglasses off! Your not a super star in here."Misty lays them on to the table. "Take all your jewlery off."Misty reaches for her hoop ear rings. Followed by a wide gold chain. She places her left foot in to the chair and takes a gold ankle bracelit off."Are you a shared wife?" Tyrone asks.Misty just looks at him and parts with her watch and wedding set."Nice rings. Who did you steel them from?" Looking at the diamonds."My husband bought those for me." "Nice and slow unsnap and unzip yoour pants."Misty sucks in her pudgy belly and unfastens her pants. Her black satin panties comes in to view."Up againest the wall. Spread your legs."Connie frisks her nice and slow. Feeling every inch of her clothed body. Gropeing and fondleing her. She gives Tyrone a show. Pulling he jeans down showin him her black panty coverd ass. She then slaps her ass."Damn you have got fat! I can't believe a fat ass like you was a homecoming queen! Lets go." Connie leads her back in to the hall. They go to the mens cell block. Misty was paraded up and down the isle. Barely out of reach of the 50 or so horny inmates. Every cock was out being stroked. Hot cum was flying and landing at her feet. Through all the whistles and cat calls she walked all most in shock of what was happening to her.More to come later
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