Wheb I met my wonderful girlfriend

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    I met my current girlfriend through a friend at my school about a year ago. She was great. I went out with her and her friends a couple of nights and we had a great time. The third time we went out, her friends left us to go to a concert. We went to go see a movie because we wanted to get to spend some time together alone. She was so hot I just wondered what it would be like to make out with her all night. She kept me pretty hard all night too. She has blonde hair down to her shoulders with green eyes. She has a great ass. Very nice in a tight pair of jeans. She has a nice set of 38 D’s, it runs in the family. And she had the most incredible smile. After the movie she asked me if I would like to go back to her house and watch TV. I said ok because it was early about 830. We got to her house and went in to watch Field of Dreams.
    She looked extremely good and I just couldn’t resist so I reached over to hold her hand. She moved closer to me and stared at me. I looked back at her and kissed her. All of a sudden she reached over and felt of my cock. She immediately leaned her legs over me and straddled me, facing me on the couch. She kissed very good and she really got me turned on. After a minute I felt her lower her hips onto my lap. I could feel the pressure that was being applied to my dick. After a couple of minutes of making out she started to grind her hips. Her head then fell off my face and moved over my shoulder and she started to breathe heavily. Apparently she couldn’t take much more because she stood up and basically pulled me to her bedroom.
    I watched her as she quickly took her shirt off and pulled her jeans off. She told me to hurry it up so I did. When I got in the bed I was ready. She got her body on top of me and started to work her way onto me. Wow was she wet. Very tight too. As she took me deeper and deeper I felt better about it. I don’t even think she got me all the way in before she started grinding he hips. Her hands were placed on my chest and she was going at it. Her breathing was very heavy and she pressed down harder and harder for a couple of minutes. She must have sensed that I was going to cum and slowed to a stop.
    She got over on her back and I followed her. I shoved my cock in before she could give any instruction. I pounded her three or four strokes before she started to meet me with every one. I got her harder and harder with every stroke until she let out a huge yell.
    “OOHHH FUCK!!!!!”
    It was awesome. I came just then and it was amazing. I pulled out and laid down beside her. She kept her eyes closed for a minute and then opened and grabbed a towel from beside the bed. She cleaned up my cum that had leaked out of her and turned to me.
    “I liked that. I really like you and I want to try and start a good relationship but tonight I just got overwhelmed by you and I am s horny.” She told me.
    I told her it was ok that every thing was great and that we could still do that.
    Then she asked, “Are you ready to go again?”
    I told her I was good but I needed a little more time.
    “I hope you don’t think I’m weird for this but take you time,” she said.
    She then rolled over closed her eyes and pushed her hand down towards her pussy. I could see that she was either still leaking some of my cum or she was totally wet. She slid two fingers into herself and started fucking herself. Her pace got faster and faster and she brought herself way up to orgasm. I then reached over, pulled her hand out, and licked her fingers off.
    “Doggy-style or on the side of the bed?”
    I like doggy-style so I pick that one. She turned over and I positioned myself behind her. I started my cock in and I had no problem. I had never encountered a woman so wet before. I got deep inside of her and started working in and out. It didn’t take long before she started talking. Her hand moved back and touched her pussy and then down again.
    “Fuck me harder.”
    “Yeah, like that.”
    “OH shit. Don’t stop.”
    She was very loud and moaned over and over. I felt wetness coming out of her and running on my legs just before I came.
    I pulled out and laid down. I got up to go out to the bonus room to grab my phone. When I opened the door I saw her mom, a duplicate of my girlfriend only 35 years old but just as hit, fucking herself with a small dildo in the chair just outside her door. I turned and walked back in and laid down for bed.
    We are still together and we have some great experiences you will hear about later.
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    Mount Juliet
    Good thing you didn't scream.
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