whats ur hottest story?

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    i've never done it with one of my cuzins but i have with there friends. one time we had a get together and i was about 15. we went to my second uncles house which is in the middle of nowhere. my cuzins friend kept staring at me and i was getting the feeling she liked me. later that day i went for a walk in the woods around there house. as i was walking she ran up to me. she lifted my hand and put it on her boobs. i started to get the biggest erection that i had ever had, i was currently a virgin. she then asked if i liked what i felt. i answered with a simple yes. then she unziped the back of her dress. she unziped my pants and began to masterbate me. it began to get preaty fast after that. i pulled my shirt off and she pulled my pants off. i slid her dress off her thin body and she removed her panties and bra. first she was on top but then we rolled over and i began to push her hard. she let out a moan and we kept going. it was one of the best sexual expiriences i've had. when we went back everyone was asking us were we were. we said that we went for a "walk". every time there is a family get together she goes. my cousin still doesn't kno what we do when we go for "walks".

    if u post on this thread ur story has to be true
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