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    Throw away all the magazines that try to brainwash you into believing that you can look like the stud on the cover in 6 weeks or less. Men’s Health should be called “Lying Bastard Club”. If you have seen this publication or others like it you know that they always grace the cover of the magazine with a guy whose abs (abdominal muscles) are so cut you could play checkers on them. The guys that have abs like that don’t buy that magazine. The same goes for the Cosmopolitan style magazines for females. Those poor girls have such body image issues that females alone are responsible for the words “bulimia” and “anorexia”. I am too lazy to vomit unnecessarily or if I paid a lot for the meal, besides that it is not sexy to have image issues.

    There will be only so much you can do over your life to exude sexuality through your image and it is important to show everybody what you’re working with.

    Sit Up

    Let’s face it, a great body or great abs is sexy so if you don’t have great abs or body don’t buy the magazines go to a gym and get a couple of sessions with a trainer. Being taught by a professional is worth every penny.

    You will tell them what parts of your body you want to build (abs first!) and within a couple of sessions they will give you a regiment and actually show you the proper technique that is most effective and safest for your body. I am not backtracking here, you don’t need to be the guy on the magazine but you also do not want to look like a model for someone selling diet pills with those paralytic before and after photos of some fat slob and his skinny evil twin.

    What is not appealing is someone who loves their sexy body more than any woman could. Don’t wear “extra medium” shirts and blue jeans that you could not smuggle two grapes in. Don’t show off, the biggest payoff for a woman is if she does not know you have a hot body and she takes your shirt off for a nice surprise.

    Hot body = Sexy

    Show off = Not Sexy

    Breath Mints

    Good taste is not earned it is learned. Simply put, bad breath will leave a bad taste in her mouth and fresh breath will leave a good taste in her mouth. Personally I believe if a woman has chronic halitosis then her pussy probably smells like a six week old gopher carcass. Daddy ain’t goin’ there!

    If you smoke I highly recommend quitting for obvious reasons if you can not quit then don’t believe for a second that everyone around can not smell your stinky pie hole and your rank fingers. Carry with you gum or mints and hand sanitizer and maybe a can of AXE spray and maybe you can break down the stench, or you could just spray a can of Lysol in your mouth.

    This smell issue includes your B.O. (body odor) so make sure when you put on cologne it is LIGHT and only UNDER your shirt, not on it. If a girl likes your body smell and breath smell she will want to take your shirt home and wear it to bed and when the smell wears off she will want to get close to it again.

    Smells Nice = Sexy

    SMELLS = Not Sexy

    Say What?

    Having a great sense of humor is the key to meeting females in almost any social setting including spontaneous ones. Having a quick wit can get a girls attention and often keep it, but you have to know when enough of your mouth is enough.

    If you are some joker who does not know he is not funny or worse yet, you laugh out loud at each of your own jokes then you are like a poison to social settings. If you are not a funny guy then say less and become more mysterious. Mystery intrigues females and draws their attention.

    If you are a funny guy then make sure you do not command ALL the attention, just enough to get hers and make HER laugh. Remember not every conversation requires you to respond. Sometimes silence is golden. Have a good sense of it when you should joke, comment or offer your opinion to the point of being part of the conversation, not dominating it.

    Well Spoken = Sexy

    ‘Loud Mouth’ = Not Sexy

    One On One

    When you are alone with your girl or any girl for that matter the list of sexy or romantic things you could do is endless. There are some obvious choices of things NOT to do when you are with her so your sexy scale does not drop dramatically. First of all she is not “one of the boys”, she is a lady even if she is a whore she is still a lady. So farting, belching taking a shit with the door open is a big no-no.

    Curb your dorm room testosterone while she is around. When you two are being playful, don’t hit or punch her even jokingly. Why would you want to punch or hit a girl (unless she’s into it)?

    Now this one may not be the one you “roughhouse” with. If you are the only two people in the same house or hotel room, don’t make her get up if she does not have to. I am not saying wait on her hand and foot; merely try to be a gentleman. Does it really take much to walk down to the kitchen and get her another glass of wine? No lazy ass, it doesn’t.

    Gentleman = Super Sexy

    Frat Boy = Not Sexy

    You never know who is watching you, smelling you or laughing at your jokes. “Sexy” is a multitude of behaviors that you exhibit through personality and mannerisms. You may be seducing someone just by being “a good guy” so always imagine you have an audience and always keep your breath puppy fresh.
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    You have got a lot of fucking nerve doling out your so-called advice like a fucking know-it-all when a REAL woman wouldn't go near your sexist ass with a 20 ft. pole! No, allow me to amend that..I would go near it with a 20 ft. pole if you were buck nekkid and bending over :p
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    Just one thing to add to you go to a gym and spend heaps of money on a personal trainer...you also need to spend a few more $ on paying for a priavte dietishen...
    eating right and training right will have more beneficial affects to your body than working out alone will. :)

    But i have never been to a gym, eating right walking some situps and pressups work wonders and costs you nothing...oh and your idea may work on some females but not all .every idea a guy comes up with will never work on every female, its best just to be yourself..it may not always work, but at least if you act how and who you are, youll end up with an honest loving female, rather than a superficial one.
    then again there are plenty of superficial guys as well lmao
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