what to do on a rainy night

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    You and I are driving thru the English country side at
    night when a major storm beings. It is raining so hard
    we can barley see out the windshield. The roads begin
    to flood so we pull over in front of the only house we
    have seen for miles. There is a light on so we are
    hoping that someone is home.

    We get completely soaked making our way to the door.
    After a single knock as young gentleman opens the
    door, see us soaked in the rain and quickly invites us

    As we stand dripping in the entry way a young woman
    enters and quickly takes charge guiding us to a small
    bathroom to get out of our wet clothes. Wet and cold
    we begin to disrobe. Even in this state just seeing
    your naked body gets me excited. I begin to reach for
    you when the door opens and the young woman reaches in
    to hand us each a towel to wear. We wrap the towels
    around ourselves and exit the little bathroom. Once
    outside the young lady introduces herself as Mindy.

    She is about 5' 5", slender with firm c cup breasts
    pusing against the tight sweater she is wearing. She
    guides us into the living room and introduces us to
    her man Steve. He is a about 6 foot, broad shoulders
    and dark skin and eyes. You have a hard time taking
    your eyes off of him and he is in the same position. I
    look at Mindy and she just smiles and winks at me.

    She sits you down on a blanket in front of the fire
    place and give you a cup of hot tea. She sits close
    behind you and begins to brush your hair because it is
    now all messy.

    Steve points to the sofa where I take a seat. We both
    just watch in silence as Mindy brushes your hair. When
    finished her small hands begin to rub your shoulders
    and neck. Your shoulders slump and you completely
    relax under her touch. Your head hangs forward as she
    begins to softly kiss your neck, her hands have moved
    down to massage your back.

    I notice Steve readjust himself on the couch. He is
    obviously very turned on by this site. I too fell a
    little stiffening under my towel.

    You turn you head to the side and Mindy kisses you on
    the lips. Your mouths open and your tongue begin to
    play. Her hands move to release your towel and
    suddenly your totally naked. Your skin looks fansatic
    in the firelight and watching Mindy's hands explore
    you nakedness get me rock hard. She breaks your kiss
    and slips her sweater over her head. Then slowly
    removes her bra exposing a beautiful set of breasts.
    Large, round and firm with perfect pink nipples which
    you immediately take into your mouth.

    She moans ever so softly at your touch. You gently
    suck on one breast while squeezing the other with your
    hand. Mindy runs her fingers thru your soft, newly
    brushed hair. Her touch makes you wet and you feel
    that familiar throbbing begin deep inside your pussy.
    She pushes you down onto your back and slips between
    your legs. Her tongue dances around your lips
    increasing your wetness. You remember me and turn to
    see what I am doing.

    With out realizing it i have been rubbing myself thru
    the towel. My cock is fully erect but hidden by the
    cloth. Your eyes move off me and I turn to see that
    Steven has taken his cock out and is gently stroking
    his shaft. He stands and moves towards you, holding
    his cock out for you to take. You grab his hard shaft
    and stroke him from base to tip. You again look at me
    and smile. I move my way over to you, losing my towel
    along the way. My long, thick shaft is hard, the skin
    stretched tight along its length. With your other hand
    you grab my cock and being stroking it as well. Two
    cocks,one in each hand and a talented tongue between
    your legs puts you in heaven. You alternately begin to
    lick my cock then Steven's. Take his cock in your
    mouth, then mine. We are standing side by side just
    letting you enjoy our shafts.

    Finally Steven reaches down and turns you over. Your
    sexy little ass in the air and sweet pussy exposed, he
    begins to slide his shaft inside you. Mandi slides
    underneath you to continue licking you, her tongue
    inches from Steven's cock sliding in and out of you.

    I sit back to enjoy watching your sexy body being
    fucked and licked but you still want me in your mouth.
    You guide me around to face you and take my entire
    length into your throat. God, I love the way you suck
    my cock. Your warm mouth and tongue caress me and make
    me even stiffer.

    Steven's rhythm begins to quicken. His thrusts bury
    his cock inside you and rock you forward causing my
    cock to hit the back of your throat. We begin to
    establish a rhythm where you rock back into his cock
    while mine slides out of your mouth, then he thrusts
    driving my cock down your throat. All the while Mindy
    is caressing your little clit with her tongue.

    You feel the throb in your pussy build, you can feel
    in coming. You raise your hand to tug on my balls
    trying to get me to cum with you. Steven begins to
    fuck you harder and harder his climax approaching too.
    Suddenly you fell in begin and the first wave causes
    your pussy to explode soaking Steven's cock and
    Mindy's face with your juices. The second wave rolls
    thru you as you feel Steven bury himself inside your
    as his cock begins to unload his seed deep inside you
    soaking pussy. You feel his cock twitch inside you and
    his cum spray out the tip.

    Still tugging on my balls the third wave extends
    outward from your pussy and down your legs leaving you
    tingling everywhere. Then you feel it, my cock spasms
    and I begin to unload my cum into your pretty little
    mouth. Gush after gush I give you. You savor its salty
    taste on your tongue and swallow after swallow you
    take it all inside you without wasting a single drop.

    Exhausted we collapse on the floor and fall into a deep
    sleep in front of the raging fire.
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    New Brunswick
    Wow what a hot rainy night!!! That would be a fun time!
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