[Ask a Girl] What Lies Beyond?

Discussion in 'Ask a Guy/Girl' started by somhairle, May 8, 2012.

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    Beyond what......?

    Well, when a guy cums her is generally 'spent'. He has ejaculated and the peak of his orgasm is unequivocal. However, with females it doesn't seem so clear. As your orgasm builds what stops you from continuing? I know that my OH has normal orgasms but also has big ones when she loses a lot of control and fights me off. We have a bit of a struggle at this point.

    However, another female has also mentioned that she experiences this when she masturbates but cannot continue because she is unable to do so. She has lost control at that point and cannot continue. She does not have a partner and I have suggested that she obtain some toy that will continue when she reaches a climax.

    So, basically that's it. I can accept that in some or most occasions the sensations will subside and that's it. But I know that there are some occasions when you may be able to go further but either cannot or will not.

    Hope that makes sense...... Not being a female, I struggle to understand this properly but have been curious for a while.

    And, gents........ Please, no response to tell me that you continue to masturbate once you have cum. I know there will be occasions when we can do this, but that's not what I'm interested in at all!
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