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Discussion in 'Sexual Fetishes and Fantasies' started by Black_Magic83, Nov 12, 2011.

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    I am the only woman that works in a male orientated workplace. It is a computer store- employing 20-25 men.

    I think the boss may have a crush on me.... he is married- I dont think happily. I made a joke once because he had a cold and did not want to take the time off work. He kept coughing and sneezing... I told him to ask his wife to rub some Vicks in his chest he laughed and said "No chance, we have been married for 15 years"

    I was told by another colleague that he visits strip clubs and has extra marital sex (allegedly), so it is clear that he is not getting any at home ( there are 4 kids- wife is a housewife)

    He invited us all round for a movie night - all the other members of staff and I, I also brought my partner because my boss asked me to bring him. The boss drives a black Ferrari Spider - very nice car. Everyone was arranging lifts to get to his place. I piped up asking if I could have a ride in the ferrari. He smiled to himself and said he would not mind if I did.


    I was quite close to another colleague, he has never had a gf,25 years old, he has a complex on the way he looks- ginger, receeding hairline, glasses and weighing 24 stone (152kg)... until he made reference to my weight- claiming that I am in the same category as him ( I am 16 stone- 101kg). I took offence because I am trying to do something about my weight, he isnt.

    I must say, the blokes may think I play on it because I do wear low cut tops etc :lol:eek

    But I think it is clear that he probably is not getting any at home! I can see why people would have an affair with their boss- power, money, authority, flash cars etc.

    I would never do anything with anyone other than my man!

    What do you think, if you are a woman working in a male orientated environment- how do you feel and vice versa?

    Thanks for reading...
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    Nice cars don't make guys want to have affairs, they help them in having them.

    Anyway, if you think he has a crush on you, then he probably does. Us men, we are usually pretty obvious like that.*

    * One exception: some women think they see signs of men being interested almost everywhere. If all the guys seem to have a crush on you then it's probably all in your head :).
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