Weekend Rendezvous

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    One couple that lives ten hours apart decide to meet in the middle for a weekend rendezvous. As the couple arrives at the hotel in their perspective cars, they walk into the lobby of the hotel. After they check in, they head back to the cars to get their bags. The guy hands her the room key and grabs both bags. They head to the room. Once she gets the door open, she steps in and he follows. As soon as he clears the doorway he drops the bags and put the DND sign on the door. He then walks up to her and starts kissing her and rubbing his hands all over her body, they haven’t seen each other for three months. They have both been looking forward to this ever since they started making plans.

    As he is kissing her he reaches down and undoes her pants. Bringing his hands back up, he grabs her shirt and pulls it up. They break the kiss just long enough to get the shirt over her head. They lock lips again. He wraps his arms back around her and pulls her closer. With one hand he unfastens her bra and slides it off her arms. Then he starts to slowly kiss down her cheek and to her neck, lingering on her neck for a few seconds. Then he starts to kiss lower down placing soft kisses she could barely feel. he kisses lower and lower, pulling down her pants and panties as he goes. Once he gets the clothes all the way down he stops and looks up at her beautiful eyes, smiles and buries his tongue as deep as he can. She begins to moan with pleasure. about to lose her balance, he gently eases her onto the bed. Taking the pants and panties the rest of the way off, then dives his tongue back into her dripping wet pussy. Using one hand he undoes his pants, letting his hard cock loose. After he feels her shudder from head to toe with ecstasy, he pulls his tongue out. Rising up he lines his hard cock up with her wet pussy. Slowly pushing in he teases her. Not able to take it, she wraps her legs around him and pulls him in hard and deep. Just for fun he continues his thrusting just as fast and hard as she pulled him in. Watching her he sees her start to arch her back in anticipation of the inevitable climax, which sends her once again into a full body shaking orgasm. Pulling out he tells her to turn over right where she was. Her legs now resting on the floor he slowly begins to enter her again. Giving the warning, “Try to make me enter faster than I want, and get the consequences.” She pushes back hard against him, making him sink all the way in again.
    [FONT=&quot]With that he pulls out and comments, “Time for the consequences.” He lines his shaft up with her anus. Totally soaked from being inside her, there is no need for lube. He slowly begins pushing inch by inch into her. Once he is fully buried, he slowly starts his thrusting. Gently pushing in and pulling back out, keeping a steady pace he reaches around her and rubs her clit. Going faster and faster, she starts to arch her back with her third orgasm fast approaching. Just as it hits, he thrusts all the way in and shoots his load deep inside her. Slowing down he slowly pulls out and stands up. Helping her off the bed he slips his clothes the rest of the way off. They walk into the bathroom together and climb into the shower. They then get dressed and head out to do the activities they had planned for the day. Looking forward to what was in store for the rest of the night.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

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