We Are Visitors

Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by cbrmale, Aug 15, 2010.

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    For those who may be interested, I have posted some exerpts of an erotic novel entitled 'We Are Visitors' in a blog. This was posted as a blog, because the forum upload process doesn't work, but blog uploads work fine.

    There is little character development, and little description of places like Hong Kong, because these are small exerpts of a much longer work. Much of the description and character development happens outside of these specific sex scenes. Also, with mainstream erotica, steady pacing is expected.

    There are other shorter sex scenes which are more entangled with the plot, but these ones work stand-alone. But they should be read as short extracts of a long plot. They aren't erotic short stories, so they have a different feel to what many will be familiar with. Exerpts two and three in Hong Kong are the best, but exerpt one has some character background to make more sense of it.
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