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    The bar has a stench of sex that tickles my nose and makes my pussy feel warm and tingly. I can’t believe Marcus asked me to meet him here. Looking around, there are a few couples in booths, men drinking quietly at the bar and a lady sitting by herself in one of the corners.

    Looking over I catch her eye and I’m blown away with her beauty. She has long red hair, bright blue eyes and her skin is almost translucent. The Redhead looks at her watch as if she too is waiting for someone. I decide to do something I would normally never do and I walk over and ask if I could buy her a drink. She looks up at me and smiles, a nervous smile, a mirror image of mine and asks me to sit.

    Our talk soon becomes flirtatious and at one point I swear she gives me the ‘look.’ We both reach for the bottle at the same time and it feels like an electric shock surges through my body, our fingers touch and I don’t want to let go. I have never felt this feeling before, my heart beating so hard I can feel the blood rushing in my ears.

    She looks over toward the door and I see a hint of disappointment cross her face. I realise her date has arrived. I brace myself to get up when I feel hot breath on my neck, I don’t need to turn to know Marcus has arrived, his masculine scent is identification enough. I look at the Redhead and she smiles. He moves from me and makes his way over to the Redhead, butterflies fluttering in my stomach, I can’t believe I am so excited at the thought of Marcus inviting us both to drinks.

    He grabs our hands and leads us to the back of the bar, through a door into a private room. There is a leather couch, a few tables, some huge candles are lit and there is soft music in the background. I also notice a two way mirror so we can see the bar and the patrons. Marcus lets go of my hand and offers me a glass of wine, with the other hand he moves the Redhead’s hair to the side and starts to lick and kiss her neck. I see him smell her skin and as I Iook down I see her nipples poking through, she is obviously as excited as I am. I feel myself start to get wet and I really want to walk over there and kiss her sweet lips. Marcus looks into my eyes and mouths the word “come.” It is like he can read my mind.

    I stand in front of the Redhead and as I look her in the eyes, they are smiling at me, she doesn’t speak as her eyes are doing all the talking. Marcus puts his arm around my waist and pushes us closer. I gasp as our bodies touch, even though we are still clothed I can feel how hot her skin is. I close my eyes and my lips touch hers, her tongue flicks out and runs across my top lip, I reach up and grab the side of her face as our kiss deepens, I feel her moan and I push my body closer to hers, it feels like I am naked, her body heat is so hot, she runs her hand down my back and I’m surprised to realise that I am naked. The Redhead caresses the curve of my arse and pulls me even closer, our pelvis’s rub and I start to kiss her neck.

    I breathe her in the way Marcus did and I notice two little scars on her neck, they almost look like a snake bite and I give them a little lick as I slowly work my lips down her body. I feel her tremble as I flick my tongue out and start to lick her nipple, I feel it go hard in my mouth. I hear Marcus groan and he comes up behind me, his naked body pressed hard against me, his cock making an indent against my back. He lifts me to a standing position so the Redhead and I are now face to face. He has his hands on my breasts massaging them to a point where my nipples are as hard as they can be. The Redhead leans forward and kisses me and this time it was my turn to moan into her mouth . Marcus brings his hand down my stomach all the way to my aching pussy. He starts to stroke my lips and I rub my arse into his cock. He slips his fingers into my wet pussy and if my body wasn’t being supported by them both I surely would have collapsed. I become breathless as I passionately kiss the Redhead whilst Marcus positions his fingers to my G-spot. I feel the Redhead flinch and I open my eyes to see we have moved and now her back is pressed up against the two way mirror. I squeeze my hands between the cold mirror and her body so I can cup her beautiful arse. Marcus has found my pleasure zone and is moving his fingers in a “come hither” motion and it is driving me wild. I start to whimper and I know it would not be long before I have an orgasm. The Redhead pulls Marcus tighter towards us and his fingers are moving quicker and quicker, my toes start to tingle and I feel the orgasm start to build, my mind is screaming yes, yes, yes and as I feel my body lose control I bite down on my lip.

    The tempo changes all at once, Marcus has stopped moving as my pulsating pussy is nearly crushing his fingers. He lifts me up and I feel his hot, hard cock slide into me, I almost scream as the Redhead pulls my head down and sucks on my lip. I have my hands up on the mirror as I’m being slammed down onto Marcus’s cock, I can hear how wet I am with each thrust. The Redhead stops sucking my lip and moves to my neck. I hear Marcus say “No, she’s mine” and the Redhead continues to move down my body stopping at my breasts. I feel her lick and suck my nipple and then as she bites down, she groans and I instantly become light headed.

    I look out to the bar and it seems like everyone is staring at me. I look at one of the men nursing his drink at the bar and has his cock in his hand stroking himself rather quickly. I think about asking Marcus if they can see us when I hear him say “yes”. The thought of everyone watching me turns me on even more. Marcus must have felt just how much wetter I became because his hands tighten on my hips and he slams me down so fast I can’t breathe.

    “She’s mine,” I hear him moan. The Redhead moves down my body and my breasts are pressed up against the glass. I look out at all the people and I feel an orgasm start to build, I hear Marcus talking to me and still don’t know if it is out loud or in my mind but he keeps saying “let yourself go and become mine.” I feel my toes start to tingle and the Redhead moves down and starts sucking my clit. I scream out as the orgasm takes hold of me and Marcus explodes in my pussy, my body tenses as he licks my neck and bites down. As soon as he starts sucking I see myself through his eyes. The blood running down my lip, the ‘snake bites’ on my breast where the Redhead has been sucking. I see Marcus sucking the blood from my neck and I am unable to stop him, I don’t want to stop him. I hear him over and over in my mind “you are mine, you are mine” I start to whimper and a “yes” escapes my lips, “yes” I moan again “I want to be yours”. He holds his wrist to my mouth and I begin to drink, it tastes so sweet, I want to drink him dry. I can feel myself becoming drained and Marcus stops drinking and encourages me to drink some more. I feel warm as I notice we are curled up on the lounge, he is nursing my weak body in his lap as I drink him for strength. “Ahhh Kat” he says “You will be my favourite yet!”
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    Wow, that story was incredibly hot! I especially love the part with the two way mirror and the man at the bar getting himself off. Would have been interesting if everyone in the bar had been getting off. Very vivid.
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