Used her stocking as ties

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    Want u to come to me u are in a dress and thigh-highs i tell u to take of ur nylons and hand them to me I turn u around and use one to tie ur hands behind you i tell u to turn around and get on ur knees I put the other around ur neck like a lease. I pull out my hard
    dick and shove in ur mouth facefucing ur hard and deep for a long time then making u suck on my balls for a bit than back to raming ur thrt.I then go behind u making u get on all fours , I notice ur not wereing panties so I spank ur ass hard for a bit then i ram my hard cock into ur hot wet cunt as hard and deep as I can pulling on nylon aroung ur neck.After a while I decide to start ass fucking u you squeal at first but then u start bucking to me and moaning in delight when i feel like i am about to cum its back to ur mouth were i demand u swalloow every drop
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