Upload a piture and continue the story

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    Jun 5, 2014
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    The Netherlands
    When I get naughty, I like to get all dressed up to make me look as sexy as possible. I do like it if other people look at me. So this is a picture of me. I want to read what would happen next. I really would like it if you would upoad a new picture and continue the story based on that picture. What would you have me done or do to me?
    I can't wait to read what's going to be next... Knipsel.JPG
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    Feb 9, 2014
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    That is such a sexy hot photo, but a hard request for me to do. Will try my best
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    Mar 24, 2014
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    image.jpg Both my wife and I would have our way with you.

    We'd start by each sucking and licking on your nipples and than I'd move down your body while my wife shoves her huge tits in your face. I'd lick your hot juicy pussy, flicking your clit with my tongue and at the same time fingering my wife.
    I'd stand and position myself as both you and my wife start to suck on my cock. I'd put one hand on the back of each of your heads.
    My wife would start to play with you nipples as I put my whole shaft down your tight throat. I'd rock my hips back and forth as you bob your head .

    My wife would than lay back as you start to eat her out. I'd position myself behind you slowly teasing your waiting pussy with the head of my cock. I'd plunge myself deep into you and fuck you hard. All three of us would keep exploring each other's bodies till we all moan and sweat. I'd stand once again and unleash a torrent of cum onto both of your faces, making a mess of both your face and your slutty outfit.
    You and Mrs. B would than like the cum off each other.

    -Mr. & Mrs. B
  4. gg33


    I hold you tight. I grip the back of your hair and tug until your mouth is pointing straight up at me. I kiss you deeply. I toss you onto the bed. You smell divine. Your skin is so smooth. I cannot believe how flexible you are. I point your legs straight outward and dive my face into your gorgeous wet pussy. I suck and nibble and slurp until you moan. I push your knees upward to your chest and continue my oral assault on your clit and pussy lips. You cum hard.

    After you catch your breath you eagerly grab at my cock. You cannot wait to get your mouth on it. You lick at it and then bury it into your mouth. You manage to take my full length, but it makes you gag yet you eagerly suck me down again and again. Suck my cock! Taste my meat! I slowly start swaying my hips in and out until I get a good face-fucking rhythm...

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