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    I usually make my stories too long, so this time I shall keep it short and a little less descriptive.

    Myself and my Girlfriend Harriet have been invited to a dinner party, it’s a fairly posh affair, a candle lit table, with all the girls in nice dresses and all the guys in shirts and trousers.

    Our friend Sarah is hosting the party and about 10 people are in attendance. We arrive at Sarah’s and she lets us in. We do all the usual greetings, I give Sarah a large hug and think to myself that one of these I’m going grab her sexy ass when I hug her. As you may of guess I kind of fancy Sarah.

    We make our way through to the dining area, and most people are already sat down. We take some places and to my delight I end up being sat on a corner but also next to Alice. Alice is another of my hot female friends that I kind of fancy, as every Alice is looking hot in a tight and fairly short green dress that goes nicely with her red hair. The table cloth isn’t that long so I get a glimpse of her sexy legs under the table as I sit down.

    The spacing is a little cosy and so as soon as I sit down my legs bump with Alice’s legs and she smiles at me.

    We all start making conversation and I chat both with my girlfriend Harriet who is on my left and Alice who is on my right. There is an empty seat opposite me and I am curious as to who shall sit there.

    Sarah starts to serve dinner and as she does so she indicated that she shall sit in the chair opposite me. I feel quote fortunate by this point as I’m now surrounded by my girlfriend and her two hottest female friends.

    Dinner is served, Sarah sits down and we all eat and chat. We end up having three courses, and a good time chatting about all sorts of matters. I also can’t help but notice during the evening that Sarah is wearing my favourite tight grey dress, with a zip at the front. She has is mostly unzipped and her breasts are showing ever so slightly, which can be distracting when she is sitting right opposite me.

    After our food is finished and we are all pretty stuffed, Sara turns the lights down so that only the candles are lighting the room. We are all drinking a fair amount and the conversation is quite jolly and sometimes quite naughty.

    My legs are constantly brushing against Alice’s legs, sometimes accidentally and sometimes deliberately. Sarah is mostly talking with Harriet, and so I turn slightly and talk with Alice. By this time, she is a little tipsy and I also quite flirty. This is not uncommon for Alice as she is quite a naughty and promiscuous girl.

    We flirt with each other; I notice her eye contact, her playing of her hair and feet stroking my legs rather deliberately. With chat some more and gently I feel her hand on my knee underneath the table.

    I stretch, slouch and discreetly place my hand under the table also, placing my hand on top of Alice’s. We stroke hands for quite a few minutes, chatting and flirting some more. Alice then pulls my hand towards her and places my hand on her leg, about mid-way between her knee and her crotch.

    I’m pretty sure I know what she wants and this point and so whilst keeping eye contact I gently start to stroke the inside of her leg. I squeeze the inside of her thing, feeling her warmth, knowing that she is getting more excited.

    She stares at me whilst enjoying my touch. I move my hand further along her leg and underneath her dress. She opens her legs wide for me and by that I know the she wants more. I look around to make sure that no one is noticing my actions. Luckily it is quite dark, so I doubt that anyone can even see where my arm is.

    I squeeze her thigh some more, teasing her and she bites her lip. I wander my hand further up my leg until I’m only a couple of inches from her crotch. At this point I have to slouch a little more just so that my arm can reach far enough between her legs. But she slouches more also, bringing her crotch closer to me.

    We continue chatting; continue flirting as Sarah also starts talking to us. Me and Alice act as normal as we can. Sarah informs us of her conversation with Harriet and Alice discusses further, keeping herself very composed.

    I start to gently caress her thighs with my fingertips, moving them ever closer to her crotch, I tease her for minutes and then as I get closer I realise something very naughty indeed. Alice is not wearing any panties!

    She looks at my with a naughty grin, knowing how close I am and then as I look right at her I touch her wet pussy for the first time. She bites her lip again and I’m aroused my hot wet she is. She clearly wants it; she’s clearly in the mood.

    I gently caress her pussy lips, up and down, side to side and then is spread them and touch her clit.

    Alice gasps a little, but manages to make it sound like a cough. Sarah doesn’t seem to have realised what’s going on under the table yet. I slowly and gently start massaging the top of Alice’s pussy. Touching her clit from time to time, but mostly teasing her. I want to take my time with her, get her close and then pull away several times, make her want it.

    As we are talking, Alice suddenly leans over to Sarah and whispers something inaudible in her ear. Sarah looks at me with a very cheeky grin and then points her towards Alice’s lap.

    Sarah also very subtly move her left arm under the table and a minute later I feel another hand touch mine. Sarah is not also touching Alice between her legs. Sarah gently plays with Alice’s clit for a while, but then changes tack and inserts two fingers deep into her pussy.

    Alice gasps again, louder this time, but luckily no one else notices. We continue chatting whilst both I and Sara pleasure Alice. Alice finds it harder and harder to make conversation, especially if either me or Sara decide to punish her clit.

    We get her close and back off more than 10 times, almost punishing her, but also knowing that she is going to have a massive orgasm.

    Harriet turns rounds and asks me a question and I answer it the best way I can whilst continuing to massage Alice. I then feel movement as Sara starts to finger fuck her quite hard and I decide to touch her clit at the same time.

    Suddenly, Alice runs both her hands under the table and pushes us away. I think maybe she’s fit to burst. She stands up, with her dress noticeably hitches up practically to her crotch. She pulls it down quickly, looking red and flustered. She excuses herself and makes her way to the bathroom.

    Sarah also then announces that she shall put a few things back in the fridge and makes her way quickly to the kitchen. However as she does so I notice that she goes through the kitchen and also off to the bathroom.

    10 minutes later, both girls return around the same time, Alice looking alleviated and Sarah looking mischievous.

    They both sit down as people are chatting, not paying too much attention. A minute or so later Alice leans over and whispers in my ear “Sarah helped finish me off in the bathroom, she said that I tasted nice”. She then looks and Sarah as Sarah pokes out her tongue and does a suggestive licking motion.

    I feel aroused that I got to finger Alice, but a little disappointed that I didn’t make her cum. Alice then leans over again and says “but don’t worry we took something for you”.

    I then feel a vibration from my pocket. I reach into it to get my phone and to see that I have a new video message. I don’t open it, but just from the thumbnail I can see that it looks like Alice sitting on the edge of the bath with her tits and pussy on display whilst Sarah is on her knees licking her pussy.

    I then whisper to Alice that is shall watch this later and wank over it to which she then replies that maybe sometime she could “wank me off herself”.

    The End
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