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    **1.) I think I've always had a bad PE problem. I used to come REALLY quickly unless I was drunk. This was last year. Now with my SO, on some days lately I have been really good with controlling that and I have been able to go for a while. The one day recently we made love for about an hour. This wasn't just continous thrusting though. We switched positions, went slowly, sometimes when I got close I would stop to give her oral and so forth. This made the experience one of the best time, if not the best time we ever made love.

    What is weird for me is that another time we made love recently, we were going for so long that I got tired and didn't even cum. It wasn't that it didn't feel good. It felt awesome as it always does. I didn't even make her cum because she was tiring too from going for so long.

    Then there are still those times when I cum really fast. Perhaps am I making progress with beating PE but I'm just not there yet to always be able to do it? I would like some input on this if anyone has anything good to say.

    **2.) I have always been turned on by the concept of anal sex and the other day my SO wanted me to have that with her. The problem was that I couldn't get myself into her that way. We ended up just having the amazing vaginal intercourse that we always have. I have noticed that whenever she is more aroused I feel like she is a little looser in that area. I know she enjoys a finger there a lot of times during oral. Maybe we should have vaginal intercourse first and then try that another time? We both said how we want to try again. She says she has done this one time before and she wants to do it with me, so I want it to be something special for her because I know it will be special for me. I was completely shocked when she asked me to do this, as well. I guess she couldn't have hated it if she is looking to do it again. I just know that I am the only person who has ever actually made love to her and not just had sex with her. I love her with all my heart, she loves me with all of hers, and our sex is out of this world because of this. She has even told me so. Any advice for me on this subject?

    Advice on either/or/both subjects would be appreciated. :eek: