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Discussion in 'Sexual Foreplay and Techniques' started by burton, May 9, 2007.

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    Mar 25, 2007
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    So i was wondering what fun things you all do before and during sex? My lady and i usually have passionate sex that is either quick or slow, nothing other than trying new positions and a lot of kissing and carrassing. I once tied her up with her panty hoes and that was fun..

    Last night we had a dirty talk and she told me how she loves it when i take control and am aggressive, so today while she was looking at a yearbook from last year after we were fooling around a little, we stopped b/c we heard people downstairs (my parents), so we were still in the mood.. i took her by the neck and came in and started kissing her and took the book and threw it across the room and then picked her up and pushed her into my couch and took her arms firmly with my hands and pressed them hard against the back of the couch as i used my other hand to take her panties off and slide in.. then just a lot of hard grabbing and sucking and grabbing around her throat and covering her mouth and pulling her hair and she was an ecstasy of enjoyment. she said she'd never been so hot and aroused and so turned on during sex before and i was wondering what experiences like this where it's so hot you have done and what new things to try.. I'm going to blindfold her next time :) what other fun things? She said she has a desire to fuck me while i wear a black cowboy hat, which i'll sure do. I told her to wear her leather boots that zip up on the side that go up to her knee, and also sometime to wear stockings and/or high heels. What are other fun ideas :) We're getting even more excited for sex than we already were! and we were up to roughly 4 - 8 times a week in highschool living with our parents!
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