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    I've never written for a girl before, so I hope it's hot.

    I’m a 20 year old girl, going to the same school as my boyfriend who is a year older than me and living off campus. I’m a five foot four brunette with brown eyes with runners legs and butt, but with a C cup on my chest. Late last night I was chatting with him, and he asked me to come over and fool around.

    He’s been recently training me in ju jitsu, I enjoy it as both a learning experience and just a fun way to get in the mood. Sex is fun and I’m always up for a round, but I find that wrestling around of the floor with him really turns me on, especially when he’s got me pinned from behind.

    I got over and he’s waiting for me in his room, in a full karate gi, man he looks hot in it and I feel my panties getting wet already as I change into one of his spares. We get on our knees and start to wrestle around. He’s a third degree black-belt and can basically do whatever he wants with me, but he goes easy so that I can move around, I think he just likes to feel my body sliding up and down him.

    He pulls me down on top of him and wraps his legs around me, I pull my arm out and he moves his legs around my neck, choking me. I tap out and he loosens up, staying in that position. His bedroom is hot and he is sweating, as am I. I look at his chiseled abs, as his gi had come open during the match, and the way that his chest heaved up and down as he breathed.

    “Wanna get naked?” I asked him, he was the only man that I’ve ever been so forward with. He just grunted. I knew that he wanted me as much as I wanted him, but he was good at pretending that he didn’t.

    “Please,” I begged him, giving him the puppy dog look before kissing when I thought his penis would be. “I’ll give you a blowjob,” I said, knowing that he really liked that, I wouldn’t do that until recently, but he really enjoyed it and it always lead to other things as well.

    We got up and sat down on his bed. He leaned in and kissed me, reaching his hand under my gi and using his muscular hands to gently message my left breast, his other arm around my back, fumbling with my bra, not realizing that it was a sports bra.

    My hand went right to his crotch and I found him half hard. He took off his top and then I followed suit. Without wasting any time he took off his pants and I wasn’t about to stop this party, I was horny.

    He kissed me again and he reached down and rubbed my leg for just a second as if he sensed my clitoris aching for his touch. He found the button quickly and rubbed it, much to my delight. My hand found his penis, now nearly fully hard and erecting completely as I touch it. We laid back in the bed and he continued to rub my clitoris with his middle finger, every so often slipping it inside on the top wall of my vagina.

    “Go down on me,” he asked but I had other plans. I kissed his chest and then his naval as I turned around. I grabbed his long, hard dick and put the head of it in my mouth as I position my pussy right on his dancing tongue. Not being able to see is one of my biggest turn ons, especially since he has a whole host of tricks.

    I suck on his dick gently, flicking the top of it with my tongue from inside my mouth as his hands come down and grab my breasts. Man, he knew just what I wanted as he rubbed the starving nipples and I moaned out in ecstasy as his tongue flicked faster and faster across my clitoris, I could feel myself already getting close.

    I realized that I was forgetting about his dick and ran my tongue down the entire length of it and took one of the balls that he had shaved just for me in my mouth and sucked on it before licking the bottom of his sack. I felt him quiver beneath me as I did.

    I felt my orgasm coming on and grabbed his dick, but had to stop sucking it as my whole body became to shiver as my orgasm released. I breathed hard and moaned as his tongue never stopped.

    My clitoris was now too sensitive for him to keep going so I turned around and kept doing him. I know that he likes to watch so I did a show for him as I sucked him and licked every inch of his dick and balls.

    My clitoris was getting ready for more so I stopped and looked at him. “I want this inside of me,” I said, stroking his dick gently.

    “It is inside you,” he joked, willing me to keep going, but I needed something to fill my tight vagina. I shook my head and we switched position. He can’t go inside me without first testing the waters and I loved it. I spread my legs out wide and his face disappeared into my crotch as he tongue once again found my sensitive spot. But now he had his hands free too as he probed the front wall of my vagina with his finger until he found what he was looking for.

    My hands grabbed the sheets as he found the g-spot. I wriggled with delight the way that I always do and moaned an “Oh yeah,” He continued for two or three more minutes as I tore the sheets off of the bed and he unrolled a condom.

    He then drove his entire cock into me at once, coming up to kiss me as he did. My mouth opened with pleasure and his tongue found it’s way inside. I moved aside and kissed his neck and he did me, that’s one of the best feelings in the world, besides the huge dick filling me up down there.

    He went slow, almost painfully slow, but knowing the pace that kept me on my toes. He would occasionally speed up or slow down, depending on his mood and my commands, then we switched positions. Being on bottom is alright, but only I know what I really want.

    I slowly slid him into me and put my hands on his chest before leaning down and kissing him and interlacing the fingers of my left hand and his right one. His other hand found my butt and squeezed it gently, then hard.

    I wanted to go fast so I rocked my hips back and forth, making the tip of his penis touch my cervix with each thrust. He moaned and begged me to slow down, he wanted this to last forever, much like me, but I was getting ready to cum again.

    I slowed down to delay both of our orgasms and took him out all the way to the very top of the tip, then slammed it into me. Then repeated. He liked this, I could tell, with each thrust my pussy felt as if it was contracting and opening in an orgasmic way. I rocked my hips back as I couldn’t take it any more. I started fast again.

    He kissed my neck and told me that he was coming. I watched his face as he orgasmed, his eyes closed and his back arched slightly. His head was thrown back as he inhaled. I was next. He would be hard for a little while longer and I was on the brink. It took another three seconds, but then another orgasm rushed over me. My body shivered violently, more so than the first one.

    I rolled off of him and he pulled off the condom and threw it away. He kissed me and fondled my breasts and one of my hands found his chest and the other the side of his face. We stayed that way for about an hour before heading the shower for round two.
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