True Story: Bound to Please Part III

Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by coolwhip, Aug 22, 2008.

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    Alright, she doesn't want to stop yet...I'm freakin thirsty...I decided I was going to get a drink, whether she liked it or not...because I know its not safe to have the ballgag in while she was tied Choking I decided to get her ring gag out...

    First I got an extra pair of her stockings and used it on a blindfold...she didn't mind this as she loved blindfolds...I then took the ballgag out....I told her to keep her mouth open and put the ring gag in...I swear there was still so much cum in her mouth and a shit load of drool/cum all over her breasts...very hot because it was kind of glossy and glowing off her tan skin/tits...then I put a remote controlled vibrating egg (about 2" in length) in her very tight pussy...(unreal how tight it was)....the unit she had would vibrate for 30 seconds and then stop for 30 seconds...I turn it on and tell her the controller is across the room on a end table....this thing drives her crazy!!!...:phat

    At this point she doesn't know I want a drink...I sneak out of the room while shes on her knees, blindfolded, ring gagged, vibrating egg in her pussy, and naked with only her stockings on....some how shes still struggling to get loose and still getting herself off...I down a few buds in about 5 minutes, which totally refreshed me...

    I get back to the room...I think she realized I was gone because shes asking for me over and over again through her ring gag...I almost start laughing, but stop and sneak in without her hearing me...

    I sit down and just watch her really trying to get loose now because she probably thinks I passed out or something....LMAO...I did once after she fuked me for an hour...yes embarrassing...she almost called the medics...:eek

    So shes struggling so much now I'm thinking I need to end this...but my way.

    I sneak up on her and gently throw her down to the bed...I can hear her sigh in relief...I tie her ankles with another piece of rope to her wrists so shes in a hogtie....I then put two pillows under her breasts at the end of the bed, pull her hair back so her face is facing forward....again I'm hard as hell and begin to skull fuck her through the ring gag...don't worry...I wouldn't do this unless she liked it...yes she LOVED it...she was very kinky...

    Anyway, I'm going at it hard, but not to hard....not smashing her face or choking, gagging, drooling, and getting off all at the same time from the vibrator...again I finally get off after like 10 minutes and just plaster her face...I really didn't come that much though...but it was enough to make her happy...

    I'm freakin spent after almost 2 hours of this so I untie her without even asking...thank god there were two beds in the suite, otherwise it would have been a long night...I can say for certain we both slept well that night.

    Anyway this was one true scenario that I've been a part of...hope you enjoyed it.
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