True Story: Bound to Please Part II

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    She decides that she needs to try to get to the knots...I guess...she tries to get in a different position....she lays on her stomach and tries to reach for the knot around her wrists...luckely I made the knot right above her wrists, of which she couldn't get matter how hard she tried the knot was just out of reach...I was so happy...;)...once she figured she couldn't get to that knot she decided to just take her silk panties off...I wasn't complaining....she was able to get one finger just barely around the tie on her left and right hip, of which her panties came off easily...I decided to get up and pick up the panties and they were drenched...very cool....

    At this point shes totally naked except for her stockings and heels...she decides that maybe if she can get her ankles loose that she'll be able to get her hands loose too...well, I was a step ahead of her here...I made sure to tie the knot in the front of her ankles, so not to be in hands reach if she brought her ankles to her hands...she didn't know this...:) this point its been about 25 minutes...the bed has cum and/or drool spots all over...and I'm trying to think of what to do next...I decide to see what else shes going to do...

    I was kinda glad she had heels on because I know how flexible she is...she could probably get to the knot, but the heel made it so she couldn't get to it...I think she realized that and decided to try to get her heels off...I'm kinda getting nervous because I know how good she was at getting loose...somehow after 5 minutes or so she gets both heels off....shes really trying to get to the knot know...her whole body in a pretzel...she was amazing!!! But guess what, she couldn't loosen the knot....HAHA!!!

    I decide to make my ex always talked about anal sex and how she wanted to do it, but didn't think I would...well this was my chance to step up...she was already oiled up...plenty of lube from the oil and her cum dripping out of her pussy....I kinda took her by suprise...I put two pillows on top of each other near the middle of the bed...I man handled her so that she was laying face down with her breasts on top of the pillows...this made it easier for her to not only breath easier, but for me to have better access to her ass as I'm standing up at the edge of the at this point she's in a very tight doggy style position....her ass is arched way up...shoulders pointing down and her ankles tied under her I said, very tight, but she was very flexible!!!...:D

    I think she knows whats coming, but wasn't totally proceeded to put my dick in her ass....and I did it pretty hard...she wasn't ready and really started moaning/screaming....but in a good way....I was going to town on her in this position for about 10 etc... She probably got off like 2 or 3 times....I really thought the neighbors would call the police I finally get off and cummed just as much again as I did the first time...I cummed so much that it was oozing out of her ass...

    So I finish up and sit back down again on the sofa to watch...I ask her do you want to stop and she moans no!!! The damn girl still thinks she can get loose after like 45 mintues!!! I was she starts to try to get loose again...rolling around the bed...I feel so bad about how drenched this bed got with our much of shes sweating like crazy....

    Again, I start to get hard again...after 10 or 15 minutes I get up and proceed to fuck her in the ass again...this time I start off like I did before, but flip her on her back halfway through, put her legs up in the air and just ram the hell out of her ass!!! I was in commando mode I think...again, I cum in her ass...not as much as before, but a really good amount...I finish up, go sit down, and I'm thinking....I'm freakin thirsty and theres a bar next door...

    Again I ask want to stop yet...and again she moans NO through the gag!!!

    End of Part II
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