True Story: Bound to Please Part 1

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    So my ex-g/f wanted to go to Cedar Point about 6 years ago or so...we planned it and decided to leave the next Friday...well she said she didn't want me to jerk it or have sex until that next Friday...I was like ok...whatever...fine

    Friday finally comes and we start our drive up there...we get to the hotel she picked out earlier that week...the hotel was alright...had a bar right next door...nothing fancy...

    I guess I should explain about the week of not having sex or getting off...I have the ability to cum...A LOT...some girls like it and some girls don't...well my ex at the time LOVED it...the more the better...thats why she wanted me to wait a week until we did anything.

    My ex was also a freak...she loved bedroom bondage...and wanted to try out a scenario she came up with...of which I added my own ideas to the equation....;)

    So we finally get settled in our room...she immediately goes to the bathroom to freshen up, shave, etc...

    She has me take out her "toys" and lingerie and put them on the bed....I do so and watch some TV until shes finished getting ready.

    So she comes out....totally naked...and had shaved her entire body except her hair on her head and her eyebrowse...she also put a little baby oil on, which is kinda like cheating because its easier to get out of the ropes....

    Anyway she passes me up as I'm sitting on the sofa and immediately gets on the bed and puts on some silk bikini type panties which tie at each end of her waist...easy access...;)...puts on some vs thigh high stockings and strappy type heels that fasten just below the ankle....she chose white for both and black for the heels.

    At this point she tells me how she wants tied...she said hands behind her back and her ankles crossed and tied...well I did a little research on that type of tie and proceeded to do so....

    Basically the tie is with regular nylon rope...the soft kind...wrap it around twice the upper torso...above and below the breasts and then tie the hands together parellel behind her back...that way its hard for her to push her hands down below her waist...if you try to do that..or even struggle to get loose for that matter...the rope also squeezes together the breasts, which can be really stimulating visually and physically for the girl....

    After finishing the tie and making sure I did it she cheated because she put on baby oil....I started the tie of her ankles, while they were crossed...the reason she wanted them crossed is because its easier for her to kneel down and open up her legs...easier access for me...;)

    So at this point she only has panties on, which tie at each hip...stockings and heels...I've put her in a really good tie this time...she usually always got loose...:mad....and then she tells me what the scenario is.

    She wants to give me a blow job...have her come in her mouth...remember, she LOVES cum....put her brand new 2" bright red ball gag in...and then see if you she can get loose....if she can't then I can do whatever...not only can she get off by blowing me, but she thinks she can get off over and over again if she still has my cum in her mouth with the ball gag in...

    So shes giving it to me...making sure not to go to fast or to slow...she blows me for a good 15 minutes stopping and going right before I'm about to get off...she wants to make sure to get the biggest load available...

    I finally get off and I swear it was like 30 seconds of straight was I was finished she opened her mouth and she could hardly keep it all in!!! I amazed even myself...before she could have a second thought I put the ball gag in and made it nice and tight....if you girls don't know anything about ball gags the bigger it is the can't swallow and you can only drool...its hard to make any sounds because if you get the right ballgag if covers your mouth it was really hot because she had on lip gloss too...

    Anyway, so shes tied up, ballgagged, and had a shit load of cum in her this point I'm starting to get hard again...shes on the bed half choking and moaning at the same time...she struggling to get loose, but I can already tell there is no way she'll get loose...I just made sure I did it right this can tell shes getting a little pissed off too...she was very competitive...she was struggling so much that her tits were squeezing together so hard that they were turning red...and I know the rope around her wrists were good and firm because as you struggle they get at this point she has cum running down her thighs...she probably gotten off twice during those 10 minutes just from being tied...there was a ton of my cum dripping off her ballgag and down her tits....she was moaning so loud that even through the ballgag I thought the neighbors would was kinda freakin out!!!

    End of Part 1
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