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    This is what happened one night when I was driving on the night shift. We had left the last delivery point and were starting the 2.5 hr trip home. As we got out of town the Mrs jumped into the bunk and I figured she was going to have a nap but boy was I wrong. Not long after she climbed into the back I felt her hand on mine as I changed gear. I looked around and saw she had her tits out and was massaging her nipples with her free hand. As I was driving a 40 tonne rig I had to either concentrate on the road or pull over and give her a good seeing too. As I started to pull over she told me to carry on as she wasn't ready to fuck just yet. I carried on down the road and every time a truck or car went past us the other way I would turn around to catch a glimpse of her pert tits and hard nipples. This went on for 20 or so miles and then she moved her hand to my hard cock and started rubbing it through my jeans. it was getting harder to concentrate on what I was doing but still she would not let me pull over. She moved onto the center console of the truck and I realized she was completely naked and she was merrily sliding two fingers into her wet pussy. The sight of this was making my cock ache to be set free and she gladly obliged by unzipping my pants and freeing my one eyed trouser snake. She gently rubbed my cock as she rubbed her clit and fucked herself with her two fingers. I tried to replace her fingers with mine and was told to keep my hands on the wheel which was the last thing on my mind at this time. As the other trucks were going past I was talking to them on the C.B radio as if nothing was going on, If only they knew the sight I was looking at just to my left I am sure the conversations would have been very different.
    As we neared the next town she slid back into the bunk and lay down on the bed, as we drove down the main street of the town the street lights lit up her beautiful body and it was clear she was enjoying the feeling as her nipples were harder than I had ever seen. As we left the town she slipped her head around the corner of my seat and started sucking my cock and massaging my balls. the sensation of this and the thought of her fingering her soaking wet cunt had me nearly cumming in no time.
    She resumed her position on the center consul and allowed me to slip a finger into her dripping puss which I took strait to my mouth to get a taste of her sweet juice. She was so wet and hot and she tasted so good I began looking for place to pull over so I could fuck her good and proper. As i was looking for a place off to the side of the road she again started poking herself and when there was no traffic coming she would turn the interior light on so I could really see how wet she was. Her pussy looked so good and I knew i had to get inside her so I pulled into the next rest area and quickly jumped into the bunk with her. I set about slamming my mouth strait down on her pussy and gave her a good tongue fucking. She was so wet I knew she would leave a stain on the bunk but I didn't give a fuck. I hoisted her legs up above her shoulders and slid my rock hard cock deep into her dripping cunt. Damn she felt so good I nearly came right there and then, I set about sliding my manhood deep into her and she was moaning with pleasure and pulling on her nipples and she started rubbing her clit as I was fucking her. She let out a little squeal and I felt her pussy tighten around me as she came. i flicked her over into the doggy position and stuck my cock right back into her gaping hole. I grabbed her hips and fucked her for all I was worth. as I was slamming away I heard one of the boys come over the C.B and ask if everything was OK, as a truck parked on the side of the road means either the drivers having a rest or has broken down. As I reached for the C.B handset she grabbed it from me and told the other driver and anyone else who was in earshot that I was busy fucking her brains out and doing a damn fine job of it. I was totally shocked and amazed that she had done this and I knew strait away that I was in for a lot of shit from the boys for the rest of the week. I kept ploughing my cock into her until I could feel her pussy tighten once more and I upped the pace of my fucking and pushed deeper in to her cunt. As I blew my load she let out a scream of pleasure and came so hard she squirted her pussy juice all over my cock and my truck. As i opened my eyes I saw that she was still holding the talkbutton down on the C.B and that anyone who was listening just heard me and my wife cum.
    We cleaned up and headed back out onto the road to continue the journey back to town and I tell you i have never had so many comments and light flashes as I did that night. The next night I stopped in at the truck stop where I stopped every night and as I opened the door all the boys stood up and gave me a round of applause for my efforts the previous night. A week later i took the wife for another ride and for some reason she would not come into the truck stop when I went in for a coffee. I told the boys she was with me and as they went out and passed the truck they all gave her the thumbs up, Needless to say she was very embarrassed but she did hold her head high and promise to give a repeat performance at a later date.

    Let me know what you think and I will post some more of our antics and maybe some photos for you to enjoy.
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    I liked it. :) I drive a truck to,so I can relate to that kind of story. I used to take my wife with me. But we just have day cabs. We fucked in the trailer,cause I was to cheep to get a motel;)
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