Trailer Park Bang

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    When I was in college, I was a dick. But sometimes while being a dick, I still had fun. Here’s the most fun story.

    I was nineteen. I was in a friends dorm room at a cocktail party. It was supposed to be a cocktail party, but it had devolved in to us drinking a lot. I was dressed semi-nicely. I had downed about five shots at this point.

    There was one particular girl in my dorm who wanted me. The one obstacle was that I had a girlfriend at the time. The one obstacle to that was that I didn’t care. Let’s call her Sherry.

    I went ahead and started talking to her. The alcohol made me super-confident. I’m not entirely sure what we talked about, but I do remember her taking my hand and saying, “come on,” to me and leading me out of the room. She had a bottle of Jack Daniels in the other hand.

    We went down the hall and up one flight to her dorm room. Before we got to her room, I impulsively decided to be forthcoming and pulled her to me and kissed her right there in the hallway. She sort of took my head in one hand and gently nudged it away while smiling, as though to say, ‘wait, not here.’

    We entered her room. She closed the door and we started passionately making out. I slid my hand down her black silk tight pants, the kind hip college-age women wear. I slid my fingers inside her and rubbed my forefinger and index finger around the outer rim of her vulva. I slowly slid it further in and she pulled away and bent her head down so she faced my shoulder and panted hot breath on my shoulder. Her pussy closed tighter around my fingers and surrounded them with wetness. She started whimpering. She squeezed her legs together and pulled my arm away. We both took another swig from her bottle and giggled. Then she got down on her knees, unbuttoned my jeans, unzipped my pants, and pulled them down. She pulled down my boxers. At first she was just fondling my cock, which was rock hard by this point, but I felt her lips slide over me. She bobbed back and forth, but only timidly at first, just working at the tip of my cock. I heard myself whisper to her; “Go ahead, deep throat me.” I couldn’t believe I’d said it. But she obeyed. Her mouth slid all the way down and she began giving me this terrific blowjob.

    I was about to nut in her mouth when my cell phone rang. It was Renee, my girl. Too drunk to think about what I was doing, I answered.

    “Hey,” I said.

    “Hey. Can you come over?”

    “Uh, I’m kind of at my friend’s party, right now,” I said.

    “There’s this guy…he’s being a weirdo. He’s desperately trying to get in my pants. Oh___, it’s bad.”

    By this time, Sherry had stopped sucking my dick and was sitting on the floor, gaping at me. She probably hadn’t changed the position of her mouth at all from when she was blowing me, but her eyebrows were furrowed, so I knew she was kind of pissed off.

    “It’s okay Renee, it’s okay. I’ll come over,” I said. She tried to say it was okay, she was just drunk. I insisted that I would come over. I believe it was because I wanted to get laid.

    I hung up, put on my pants. I took one more swig from Sherry’s bottle and said to her, “thanks, maybe we can finish next time.” I bolted.

    I waited outside for Renee’s friend’s boyfriend to pick me up. The part she was at was happening at her friend Jasmine’s house. Or, I should say, trailer home. Finally, Jasmine’s boyfriend, I think his name was Andrew, pulled up in a truck. I got in. He drove the ten or so minutes it took to get there, with a bottle of vodka between his legs and we took swigs from it. This is what they do at college in Maine. Pretty sure we hit a raccoon on the way there. Yeehaw!

    When I arrived Renee was fine. The guy who had been creeping on her had left. There were only a few people remaining. She wore a white tank top with her black bra sticking out at the shoulders. She had on torn jeans and a black top-hat for effect. She was smoking a cigarette. She was a chain smoking nymphomaniac with a pale complexion, a face shaped like a tear drip and jet black hair. She listened to bands like Rammstein and Queens of the Stone Age. That’s my best summary of her. We kissed and went inside. We sat on the couch and she rested her head on my shoulder and I couldn’t wait to fuck her.

    As soon as everybody left the party, and Jasmine and Andrew had gone to bed, we pulled out the couch bed in Jasmine’s living room and got busy. I asked Jasmine if she wanted me that night. She said of course I want you. I slid my hands under her shirt and scrunched it up over her bra, and my hands left her smooth skin and traveled the ridges of her bra. Then they hit the smoother skin of her tits. I unbuckled her large brown belt she always wore and unbuttoned her pants. I slid her pants down and then her black panties. I went down on her. I figured that I’d already fingered one girl that night, why not eat another girl’s pussy? So I did. I swished my tongue from side to side and her vagina expanded as I fingered her while licking her. Eventually I felt a sort of swelling inside her pussy pressing against my fingers and I stopped licking and fingering her. She stopped moaning and took my head in both hands and brought it to her face. Girls don’t care if your face is wet from going down on them, I noticed then and have continued to notice. Also girls who smoke have a tangy taste.

    I did not have to wear a condom with Renee. She was on the pill. It was glorious. But when I finally entered her, I at first did not go in all the way. I felt woozy and tired. She whispered, “stick yourself all the way inside me.” I mustered some energy and jammed my cock all the way in there, up to my balls. She sighed and I started pumping. She whispered, almost as an afterthought, “go as hard and as fast as you want…” Previously, I guess I’d been the gentle one, and she’d been the wild one. Not so much tonight. I moved in and out as hard and as fast as I could. I slammed my balls in to her and pulled them away again. She held on to the back of my neck with one arm while it all happened. Her mouth opened progressively wider and her eyes squinted, but she was trying not to make too much noise. Because this was her friend’s house, and we banged in there before, and Jasmine was in the other room. But gradually she started making the same kind of high pitched fluttering moan she always made when it was just us and it turned in to really loud moans as she drew her head up to my shoulder. The mattress was squeaking and there was a slapping sound of my balls against her vagina.

    At about this time, I heard Jasmine run past us to the bathroom, pee and run back. So much for her not hearing.

    Then Renee whispered, “____you’re going to make me cum…” This just made me move even faster. I started feeling a wet sensation against my balls, which got damper each time I slapped against her. Just before I came I realized she was squirting. I get drunk, and travel all this way, for what? A squirted on ballsack? Actually, it was amazing. She trembled as I came and my orgasm lasted what felt like two minutes. Problem was, I pulled out a little too soon.

    Basically, once we caught our breath, me lying on top of her, we had to content with this damp spot of cum and squirt on Jasmine’s couch. Renee kind of freaked out about it. We got paper towels, but I just felt nauseous. I ran to the bathroom and vomited. The vomit cleared the remaining taste of pussy from my mouth, though not in a pleasant way. When I came back, she had cleaned everything up. I passed out on the bed next to her.

    The next day, I did feel guilty about cheating on Renee earlier that night—but I didn’t say anything. Ultimately, I just realized that it had been one of the most fun nights of my life. And anyway, I never say the other girl, Sherry, again. And anyway, Renee and I broke up about two months later. And anyway, I’m not like this anymore.
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    Interesting night. Lol that could have gotten a lot better if jasmine would have stopped at the couch instead of the bathroom
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    Nov 7, 2013
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    Interesting story.
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    Thanks guys.
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