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    As I walk in the house first thing I see is my toy standing next to the couch naked with her eyes down. I know this means someone was naughty today. As I sit down toy lays across my lap, her beautiful ass waiting for my hand to come down and make it all red. Before I am to give toy her spanking I have her tell me as to why she needs a spanking.

    As toy starts telling me her tale of the day I start with a slow light spanking. By the time toy is halfway through her story I am now spanking her harder and toys ass is getting red, she is having trouble continuing her tale. I know if I slip my hand down along her naked pussy Id find it very wet. I start to slowly rub toys ass I know that she is too far gone to go on lost in another world from her spanking so far. I think do I stop and make her finish her tale or should I keep up on the spanking. I stop completely what I was doing and toy realizes this and turns to look at me and realizes that she stopped telling her story of her lunch date with her new friend she was meeting for the first time. They meet off an online adult dating site.

    It was a typical first meet for toy as it starts with a meal and instead of ending like normal with kissing and some heavy petting. She found herself tied up naked in the back of his van and fully under his control. I’m turned on just listening to her telling her tale. As she keeps telling me of how she was tied and fucked I am feeling myself get harder and start to spank toy harder. My cock is now throbbing and toy has stopped her story again but I don’t care. I am now listening to her moaning and I know toy is in her special place again. I slowly slide a finger across her pussy and as I knew she is soaked. As I start to rub her clit toy is now grinding her pussy against my hand. At this point I know she is close to cumming so it’s back to the spanking of toys red ass. She sighs in disappointment because she knows I am not going to be letting her cum just yet.