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    I'm having a quiet drink after work at my local bar and notice a group of three guys watching me from across the room. As the afternoon goes on one approaches me, tall, cocky, blue eyes and messy brown hair, and oh, those tanned ripped arms. "can we buy you a drink" he asks, and well, there cant be any harm in that now can there so 'yes' i say.

    Before long I find myself feeling tipsy, and sitting alone with these three testosterone fueled males. "we're off to a party, at our place, want to join"

    I have nothing else to do, and well, there are three of them so I should be safe. "ok, I say without another thought"

    After a 15 minute ride I find myself at a luxurious beachfront property, a tall rendered fence provides security and privacy from the rest of the neighborhood.

    They usher me through to the living room, a polished cement floor in a room furnished with nothing other than a large rug, enormous red leather couch and heavy curtains.

    'sit' I'm instructed. The boys leave me in silent anticipation - I thought this was a party??

    They return, this time shirtless. Their bodies toned and tanned, their faces full of excitement. "champagne?" they asked. I could definitely do with one so I respond politely "sure".

    As an oversized glass of bubbly is served, the young man I now know as Benjamin drops to his knees. One foot at a time he removes my shoes and places them beside the end of the couch. The other two guys are now in-front of me, one foot each as they begin to circle each toe with their tongues.

    I jump as I feel Benjamin now behind me, his warm hands trace my neckline as I feel his lips contact my right earlobe. He nibbles gently as his hands begin to venture down my top.

    'relax' he says. 'this is your night and you're in good hands'.

    I sigh heavily as I try to calm my nerves and settle back into the plushness of the couch.

    The two guys on my feel are now slowly working their tongues up my perfectly waxed legs towards my throbbing sex.

    'stand' they command. As I do, they work quickly to free my quivering body from the security of my clothes. As each item drops to the floor I feel my heart racing, my blood pumping wildly around my overly sensitive body.

    They lift me from the floor and lay me back on the couch, legs wide apart. I know that I am now completely at their mercy.

    From a small pocket at the side of the couch Benjamin has retrieved a set of bondage straps. My hands are bound above my head and secured outstretched as my legs are tied on each side of the couch. I can feel my pussy throbbing and my wetness running between my tight buttocks.

    The boys like in a perfectly practiced routine undo their belts, drop their jeans revealing bonds boy leg underwear stretched to its limits by their bulging erections.

    Benjamin unleashes his perfectly shaped cock and brings it to my mouth. I work quickly to begin working my tongue up and down his shaft with precise rhythmical strokes. He sighs and leans back on his arms.
    I want to take his whole shaft deep in my mouth as his nimble fingers dance over my hardening pink nipples.

    The other guys are now kissing me all over, licking me from nipple to nipple, belly button to buttocks. I feel a warm tongue circle my outer lips before gliding between the wetness. My God, his tongue deep inside my hole I drive myself onto it. I have a throbbing cock in my mouth, a tongue flicking wildly against my nipples and another fucking my aching pussy.

    I want something hard and moan just take me!

    Three bare blood engorged love swords are now before me. I lift my hips as one of the guys drives his shaft deep inside me. I have another cock in my mouth as Ben askes can you take a third - my god yes I can and I want too. They untie my feet and hands roll me into the doggy position as Ben lays beneath me. He feeds his rod inside me, Another begging cock is offered to my mouth and as my lips envelope its full length I feel the immense burn of a penis stretching my tight arse to its limit. Breathing heavily I convulse as they fuck me from all holes until I can cum over and over.

    I fall forward spitting the cock from my mouth I feel a stream of cum shoot down my back.

    Breathless I they pull out of me. 'This is just the beginning' they say........
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    OOOOH can't wait for the rest.
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    Love to hear the rest
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