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    hiding in my cave of distractions

    without the wish to taste the destruction

    gift wrapped in your cannibalistic love

    stalking your prey after setting him free

    such twisted layers of your insanity

    devouring me with your eyes, paralyzing me with your fire

    like blood to a vampire

    chained i am, doomed i am

    to lost my sanity and ready to present another sacrifice

    such masochism created in me through your evil ways

    there is no salvation, no redemption

    your sadism to only kill me when i am completely trapped inside

    when i need you the most, when i give you my all

    you come with a knife

    leaving me there to bleed and slowly die

    luring my soul just to torture and destroy

    in my grave of regrets i keep burning myself alive

    to be that naive, to believe in my enemy

    self hatred and with poisonous memories

    i lay there, feeling lost, incomplete

    now you're back

    with your necromancy

    raising the ghosts of memories

    your wish, your need

    to watch me self destruct

    obeying your mysterious silent creature

    syncing with your animalistic shadows

    and devour each other's primal tendencies

    fearful i am to get hunted by your beast

    and pretend i am not profound of this agony

    when you need to just eat me alive

    this metamorphosis through extreme desires

    will make me worship your dark preacher

    is this love or hate

    all i know there is a monster living insides

    comes out to play

    in your darkest heaven

    blind it is to viciously lick all the blades you bring

    exploding and floating in a dark infinite space

    this morbid voyage has no future, no destination

    just trapped in a circle, haunting my own psyche

    this deep melancholy, this secret wish to commit suicide

    chained in asylum of love, i stand outside my body

    witnessing my own ashes of all that i have gamble

    borrowing hope from death to make this tortured soul feel alive
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