This Friday Night

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    Arctic Tundra
    It was all confirmed, hotel, condoms, champagne and chocolate strawberries. I thought everything was accounted for.

    I knocked on the hotel room door and those blue eyes shone bright back at me. He grabbed me by my wrist and lead me into the room. I set my bag down and he pulled me close. He licked my lips and started kissing me. I could feel his hands grabbing my ass through my jeans, nice tight squeezes.

    He started pushing me back towards the bed and laid me down. Mr. J licked my soft skin from ear to nipple and came back for a kiss. Wanting to see what was hidden under the yellow shirt he lifted to find my ample perky round breasts. With both hands he cupped them in his hands and licked the two vanilla cups.
    Next Mr. J had to unzip my boots to get to take off my boots. My long legs extended straight up in the air distracted by and he had to give a spank to my firm ass. Right leg boot off, left leg boot off and now unzipping my pants.
    A huge smile ran across his face as he buried his face into my pussy. I started moaning from the kissing and the licking he was doing down there. A shiver ran up my spine with so much pleasure.

    After getting me all wet it was my turn to suck on that throbbing cock. I started licking up and down the shaft. I wrapped my lips around his tip and started sucking and licking up and down. I enjoyed looking up at the and seeing those blue eyes enjoying the pleasure I am giving him.
    Deciding that I was done licking his hard red lollipop he pushed me to the bed and fit right into me.

    He was rock hard and pumping as slow and thoughtful as he could. Not wanting to release too early he would lean over and kiss my erect nipples.

    Six rounds we had from 11pm-9am

    It is fitting that by day Mr. J is a teacher as I am sure he will be teaching me much more in the future.
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    Very nice. Hope you are the perfect student.
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