Theories of Generating and Enjoying Etherial Love in Masturbation

Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by Logger, Mar 25, 2005.

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    Love is nice to experience. Generating Love can be done by giving another a feeling of Love. Love can be transmitted as physical touching, but there are other degrees and avenues of Love.

    One theory is that there is a cosmic plane, and projecting a feeling of love to another person gets transmitted to the individual through the cosmic plane. The individual receiving the love may not be consciously aware of receiveing Love projections. Or the person may be generally aware of receiveing a feeling of Love, without knowing where the love is coming from, specifically.

    Receiving a loving feeling back is enjoyable. When I masturbate, I envison that one woman or another is giving me physical Love. Usually, I include visons of the last time I made Love to my wife. Sometimes I envison the event of making Love to a woman I made Love to long ago. Often I imagine the physical touching of a woman with whom I have never made love with. Sometimes I envison receiving physical Love from a porn star.

    Sometimes, after I have given love to a woman I have seen, while masturbating, and I see her again, she sometimes seems more friendly to me. I don't imagine that she really knows for sure that I masturbated to her, but she seems to be aware that I have given her a feeling of affection toward her, and she often seems friendlier than before. Sometimes my love seems to be ignored by a woman I see later. Either way, I enjoyed her love for those few moments.

    Feeling Loved is nice. Giving energy vibrations and feelings through masturbation, in imagining physical love from others, generates my feelings of love for them, and I envison that it returns to me, as feeling loved.

    Self esteem is generally regarded as important for the well being of an idividual. I have read of instances where a husband might engage in solo masturbation too often, and the wife feels neglected. If my wife does not appear to be in the mood, I will masturbate with her in some stage of wakefulness in our marriage bed. I often lightly caress some part of her body as I pump, and she rests. Somtimes I touch her buns, or her pubic mound. This gives her the invitation to participate if she wishes, but otherwise to just feel that I am giving her loving feelings in my masturbation, while she lies comfortably.

    Enjoying Love in masturbation is probably more complicated than I have covered in this post. Loneliness is not only for singles, because I have sometimes felt pretty neglected as a married man. Enjoying Love through masturbation is a process that can be thoughtfully improved.

    Further Theories of Enjoying Love through masturbation?
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