The Winkie Size (Questionairre for women)

Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by IamBill, Dec 24, 2006.

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    This questionnaire gets descriptive and moderately gratuitous, including the questions it asks you to answer... if you have no interest in anything of this manner, please feel free to exit now.


    The average penis is 5.9-6.2in long (Non-bone pressed erect) and 4.8-5.1in around. I'm giving this measurement because I'm sure most women never measured their male counterpart and this should give a decent reference as to what the average of what they've been seeing is.

    So on that note... which sounds better to you? A penis that is:

    5.5in long and 5.4in around (~1.7in diameter)


    6.5in long and 4.75in around (~1.5in diameter)

    To get the most accurate idea of this, try getting a ruler and drawing both of these on a paper as well as the average listed above. Then answer the following questions:

    What is your initial reaction by both sizes?

    Are you disappointed by either or both?

    Does either of them seem as though they wouldn't satisfy you?

    Do they look bigger or smaller than what you thought the average was?

    Overall, which do you think you'd prefer?

    As well as size, how does hardness rank on your expectations for pleasure?

    The reason I ask this is because I'm one of these two dimensions and I'm a virgin. My greatest fear is that the woman would be unsatisfied. I know that neither size is much smaller than average (in fact, in terms of volume, both sizes are larger than the median for the average) but my fragile little mind has been completely warped by TV and the internet. I'm not young anymore (Seriously, I'm not a teen, let's put it that way) and I'm getting extremely anxious and self conscious about the fact that I'm still a virgin.

    Thank you ahead of time to all those who reply. Here is what I would not like to hear from a reply though: The same old size doesn't matter routine. I want genuine answers here, don't pull punches, don't beat around the bush (unless this thread really turns you on), if you like them bigger than say that. Please no sympathy for my story... if anything, be angry at me for being such a wuss. ...and again, thanks for replying.

    ...and now feel free to throw away, burn, frame and hang, flush down the toilet, or eat those drawings you made. :)
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