The vibrating bed

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    I would love this one to be reality too :)

    I took my lady friend to a hotel with vibrating beds one weekend and what a weekend.

    After a nice time out in town we drove back to the hotel, her hand resting on my happy cock, eager to be let out to play, to be played with.
    Once in the room she went to watch some TV but I put her hand on my cock as a reminder "NOW?" Yes is all I said so she led me to the bedroom after stripping me. She actually led taking me by the cock.

    She said she wanted to be on top this time and I let her push me on the bed after sucking me a bit.
    Before she straddled me I placed a pillow under my ass then she straddled, approaching my cock she kept in her hand. She was already wet, no need for foreplay, and we were too horny besides.
    Once in position she just rubbed her clit and lips on the head and shaft and giggled at my messy precum dribbling. It helped get inside her even if she was wet to get inside no problem.

    I asked her to slide onto my cock very slowly, and it felt so good, but she was the one mostly pleased when she sank all the way down. The pillow helped and she never felt my cock go that deep before when she was on top. Her eyes were big, her smile was priceless. Then she started gyrating, I felt the head rub in her pussy, the base of my shaft being worked up.
    She usually reaches orgasm before me so I let her enjoy my cock, my hands roaming on her breasts and clit. She was such a sex devil.

    When I saw she was getting close to orgasm I told her to stop and then reached for the control.
    The bed got shaking and she didn't need to do anything to feel good.
    I was turned on watching her breasts jiggle and had to take them both in my hands, pressing and squeezing them - the way that makes them orgasm.
    It took a few seconds she lost it, she would have fallen on me if not for my hands on her breasts.
    I pushed her backwards a bit to press on her g-spot a bit more and she gripped my forearms so tight
    I would not have been able to break free if I had tried.

    She screamed, unable to muffle herself and I felt her get wetter inside.
    Once her orgasm over she let my arms go and push my hands off her breasts so she could lean forward.
    The sensations on the shaft made me orgasm, the head rubbing everywhere was too intense, I too screamed and she placed her hand on my mouth.
    She loved my intense orgasm so much, she said she could feel my cock pulsate even with the bed shaking. I had to stop the bed as soon as I was done, it was too much for me and then she came off my cock, fondling my tight balls a few seconds.