The Vampire

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    The Vampire.

    It was one of those fucked up days at work where every path leads to a fire to be put out, and no real work actually gets accomplished. On top of that I wasn't looking forward to going home to the cold shoulder that my wife was giving me the last few weeks. When I arrived home, no-one was there. I showered and decided to go to the hardware store for some supplies. As my mind drifted I passed my exit and continued driving. I don’t remember getting here but I found myself standing in front of a small dive bar I had never seen before. What the hell, I could use a beer and a game of pool. The door had those cute yet annoying bells that barely clanked as the door closed behind me. The place was decorated from that same dive bar catalog where one find wobbly chairs that are two inches to high to sit comfortably and tables that are not quite level. A CD juke box played the typical mixture of classic rock and beer tears country. Two bar sized pool tables and a dart board stood to one side. The bar itself was the typical beer soaks wood with the padded edge to protect the drunken patrons. The regulars were all there. One could tell by the way that they all huddled together kidding each other on their form fitted stools in the slurred lingo of the permanently stoned. I approached the bar.

    I ordered a beer and walked over to the pool table. I had just started sinking balls when I could feel that strange sensation of eyes on me. I turned around.

    "You made it," she said.

    She had one of those voices that was sweet smoke, husky but not masculine. She was stunning in that gothic way that is popular with the chronically depressed. All pale skin, shoulder length jet black hair, black mascara around dark eyes that looked like pools where dreams and nightmares flow from. Her candy-apple red lips were the only thing that could tear me from that lusty gaze. They promised soft kisses that you could with every inch of your soul. She was not tall, around five two or three. She had the kind of body that was not slim but not fat either. You knew there was a flat stomach and beautiful thighs there, but they were soft in a very comfortable way. She was wearing those stiletto heels that women always say men invented as a torture, but she seemed to float on them rather than stand. Black lace print stocking ended inches below a black leather mini, showing just enough soft white skin to start that familiar ache in my groin. A black lace corset displayed the pillowy slopes of smallish breasts. She was a model of my fantasies.

    "I called to you and you came," she said. I only stared.

    She glided toward me with the feline grace of a panther on the prowl. She took my hand and shook it.

    "I'm Evette, it is great to finally meet you,” She purred.

    Her touch was cool like fresh sheets on a summer night. Her skinned was soft and smooth yet I felt strength in her grip that hinted at confidence and power.

    "I'm....," I began.

    "I know who you are. I have been watching you,” She said with a shy, guilty tilt of her head. For a moment the little girl that she once was showed thru. Why do all sexy women know that trick?

    "Then you know that I am married;” I didn't really want to say.

    "Yes, but I know that although she loves you dearly she has lost her desire for you, and I can feel your loneliness. You need me," she stepped close to me and I could smell her, "and I need you."

    I could feel myself trembling. I felt like a virgin about to get his first kiss. I was high. I could feel power radiate from her although I could not describe it. She tilted her head up to kiss me and I let her. Her lips only touched mine at first, and then began to softly work their way around my mouth in a gentle kneading fashion. Her scent was overwhelming, a faint mixture of Channel Number Five and pheromones. She moved her kisses to my neck. I felt dizzy; my cock began to pulse in my jeans. I felt her press herself tighter against me. Her breasts were like firm against my body, and I could feel her nipples stiffen through the silk and cotton of our clothes.

    "I feel your need," she whispered. Her breath was cool and smelled like fresh mints.

    She moved back to my mouth. This time her tongue probed my lips, seeking entry. I was powerless to resist and welcomed her intrusion. I began to kiss her back, sucking gently on her tongue. She tasted sweet, like she had just finished an ice cream or a candy. My hands found their way to her back and I pulled her tight with one hand while the other explored her soft curves. When I reached the tops of her buttocks, I could feel the straps of a thong. A sigh escaped between our mouths. It was mine. I moved down to palm one round cheek, and she broke the kiss to pull away from me.

    Thinking I had gone too far to soon, I started to stammer an apology.

    "Follow me," she said, and turned to leave.

    I looked around the room, feeling a little guilty, to see who was watching. To my amazement, no-one seemed to notice her or me. I knew I should not go, but I could not stop myself. I needed to feel wanted again. I looked toward the door. She stood silhouetted in the pale light from outside. I could see the curves of her body, the outline of her face. I moved toward the door. She turned and disappeared outside. When I stepped into the night she was waiting for me on a stairway that led above the bar. I don't remember seeing the stairs when I arrived. She moved into a darkened doorway and I followed. I found myself in a room light by candles. It had one of those old four post beds with all the silk coverings. Dark red sheets covered the bed. She stood across the room with two glasses of red wine in her hands. She was a picture of dark lustful innocence. I was drawn to her. She handed me one glass of wine and set the other on a shelf of old books. As I drank, she moved around me softy touching my back and arms. When she completed her inspection, she took my glass and placed next to hers.

    Stepping toward me she began to kiss my neck and face. I feel her heart pounding. Mine began to beat with same intensity. I could feel her fingers lifting my shirt. She pulled back long enough to pull it over my head. Her lips returned to my neck. I could feel every kiss like a shockwave through my body. Her mouth moved down my chest where she licked and sucked on my nipples. Sensations were incredible, almost too sensitive, like pleasure and pain together. She continued down my stomach, unbuttoning my jeans as she went. When my pants dropped she gave a small giggle of surprise.

    "Very nice," she said. I keep my pubes and ass shaved. I was still standing with my pants around my ankles.

    She grabbed my cock in a soft cool hand while the other hand went around to squeeze my ass. Her tongue darted out and licked the sensitive opening then continued around the head. She took me in her mouth and gently sucked me in. After working me in and out of her mouth a few times, she went all the way down, taking me into her throat while her tongue worked on the sensitive under side of my throbbing cock. The feeling of being deep throated was so incredible I felt dizzy. I could feel my glands begin to throb and swell. She released me for a moment, smiling up at me, allowing the pressure to subside. While she was waiting, I kicked off my sandals and stepped out of my jeans.

    "You have a lot of tension," she whispered. I could only nod. She grabbed my cock and guided back in to her mouth then moved her hand to gently tickle my smooth balls with her long fingernails. The hand that was on my ass dropped down between her legs. I could hear her wet pussy squish as her fingers went in. She continued to bob up and down on my cock while she fingered her own sopping pussy.

    “Ready for something special?” she took my cock out long enough to ask.

    I only sighed.

    She engulfed my cock again. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, wishing the sensation of her cool mouth could last forever. Suddenly I felt her other hand coming between my legs. Her fingers were coated with her slick juices, and she swallowed my throbbing cock as she easily slid a long thin finger into my ass. The shock and sensation almost caused me to collapse, but I remained on my feet, floating on a cloud of ecstasy. She began to wiggle her finger around in my asshole, searching for my prostate gland. Finding it, she placed a slight amount of pressure on the swollen lump, and began to gently rub it back and forth. I felt a slight urge to pee, and then my cock began to pulse in her mouth. It was the most incredible thing I have ever felt. I could feel the cum being massaged out of my balls, and begin to work its way up my shaft. My cock began to swell. She must have felt this, as she quickly swallowed my cock into her throat and held it there while licking my underside of my shaft. Her other hand continued to work my balls.

    This was too much and I began to cum, firing spurt after spurt down her throat while she worked the fluid out with both of her soft cool hands. My ears were ringing as the blood flowed through my body. She seemed to be able to keep me cumming forever with the pressure of her throat and fingers. I must have cum at least twice and was beginning a third orgasm when she pulled her finger out of my ass. My throbbing cock spasmed in her throat a few more times and then slowed to a pulsing. She worked her mouth back up my shaft, using her strong lips and her fingers to work every drop of cum out of my cock.

    She made a visible swallowing motion and said,” I needed that more then you know. Your essence is very strong.”

    I only collapsed onto the bed.

    “My turn”, she whispered.

    I felt her climbing into the bed near my head. Before I had time to move her thighs were beside my head, facing toward my chest, pinning me in place. Her pussy was positioned just above my face, naked beneath her leather skirt. Her pussy was completely smooth, like one of those expensive wax jobs. I could see her moisture glistening on the soft folds of her sex. Her ass was nice outlined in the darkness of her mini, yet I could see every detail of her small rosebud. My desire was overpowering. I had to taste her. Sensing this she lowered herself onto my face, her swollen lips coming to my mouth like a saving drink of honeydew. I tasted her. She was sweet yet tangy. I lapped at her pussy and sucked on her lips trying to take all of her into my mouth. She began to tremble with a small orgasm. Her body held perfectly still as I darted my tongue in and out of her dripping hole. Only her breathing and her quivering thigh muscles told of her release. I tried to move my mouth up to her clit, but she giggled and clamped my head still with her thighs.

    “Not yet”, she sighed.

    Holding me with her strong legs, she leaned slightly back and her ass was over my mouth.

    “Lick me”, she demanded. Her voice was soft, yet there was power in her command.

    I ran my tongue around her puckered hole and she sighed as my tongue began to force its way into the hidden depths of her hot flower. Her ass cheeks flexed against my face as she pressed herself down on me trying to get as much of my darting tongue into her backside. I removed my tongue from her hole, and gently bit her firm cheek. She let out a short squeal and a small giggle. I went back to her hole and traced the outline before ramming my tongue into the steamy opening. This sent her into another small orgasm. She pressed her hole onto my mouth and ground her ass into me ass she came. As her orgasm subsided she moved back and placed her dripping cunny above my mouth.

    “Suck it hard, now”, she commanded.

    Her clit was exposed and swollen. I took it into my mouth, careful not to bite it. I began to suck on the engorged nub while running my tongue over its smoothness. This sent her over the edge. She started to buck her hips on my face as a scream escaped her lips. She dove her face into my crotch and took my again hard and throbbing cock into her throat and worked her head up and down as she came. I open my mouth a little and sucked her lips into my mouth along with her clit. She began to cum even harder and sucked my cock deeper into her throat. This sent me over the edge for the fourth time tonight. She bucked her wet pussy onto my face and shook with a powerful orgasm. I could feel her throat working on my cock, swallowing all of my offering.

    As we came I felt a sharp prick at the base of my cock but it was a pleasurable sensation I felt throughout my entire being. To my disbelief I began to cum even harder. This seemed to make her cum more. Her pussy began to flow over my face as her thighs clenched my head and her ass pumped up and down. I could feel myself becoming dizzy, but I continued work her lips and clit with a passion not felt in a long time.

    She raised herself of my still spasming cock and let out a shriek that died into a shuddering moan. Her back arched as her orgasm gripped her and collapsed sideways pulling her sweet cunt away from my still hungry mouth. She smiled over at me and I saw all of her muscles relax.

    She placed one delicate hand on my cheek and said,” sleep now, we will meet again, soon”.

    As I drifted into a euphoric sleep I thought I saw blood on her lips and a pronounced flush to her skin. I slept a deep sleep with partially remembered dreams of flying and far away visions.

    When I awoke, it was still dark. I drove to the nearest main street without realizing where I was going. I recognized it and made my way home. The hose was dark. There was a message on the machine from my wife. She was going to stay down the hill at her moms.

    I went in to take a shower, still feeling exhausted. As I washed I noticed two small puncture marks at the base of my cock. So she liked it a little rough, great. I got into bed and slept a dreamless sleep. I though I heard, as I drifted off, a woman’s voice clear as day but in my head say thank you.

    When I awoke it was morning like every other morning, but I knew the rest of my life would be very different.

    To be continued.
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