The tram ride home with alice

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    I'm on the tram, heading back from a night out with my GF's friend Alice. She has been very flirty with me in the past and I renown for being very pretty and have an amazing ass and nice breasts.

    She is wearing very tight and very thin material yoga pants, which are so tight and thin that they are almost like tights. They are showing her ass of beautifully in high definition. She is also wearing a strappy top and push up bra, providing plenty of cleavage, some of it visible.

    I am wearing my standard t-shirt and cargo trousers.

    We are standing on the tram together, towards the very back of the tram and into one corner window area. There are some people around us, but no one behind Alice as she is up against a corner wall / window area.

    She has been flirty with me all evening and previously that evening we had already done a bit of naughty grinding in which she gave me a partial erection.

    I'm standing very close to her on the tap, both of us bracing ourselves as the tram rocks about. It's quite crowded and so I use this as an excuse to stand extremely close to her, our legs tangled together.

    She is being verbally flirty and suggestive with me on the train and I'm not being discreet when I look at her tits. The train rocks about some more and as I reach for balance I brush the back of my hand across her breasts.

    She looks right at me and smiles. I then lean in further but this time, brush the palm of my hand onto her breast in a very obvious manner.

    She looks at me some more and then I squeeze her boob repeatedly. Her hands reach across and then I feel her fingertips brush my crotch.

    We both continue to get heated and a few minutes I am aggressively groping both of her tits whilst she cups and squeezes by hard dick.

    I undo myself for her, unbuttoning and unzipping, to which she follows by place her hand inside my trousers and pulling my 7" erection out to play.

    She grasps my shaft and starts to stroke it.

    I look around and notice that there is another female standing a metre or so away, she is dressed in business attire, but is fairly young and pretty. She is watching us and can certainly see my erect penis.

    I then reach around behind Alice, slide my hand up her top and undo her bra.

    With some effort and movement of her arms, I remove the bra straps and pull her bra off from underneath her strappy top before throwing her bra to the floor for multiple to see.

    Her large and firm breasts hardly move as they are released from her bra, but now her hard nipples are very obvious under the thin material of her white strappy top.

    I bring my hand around, still underneath her top and start to give her breasts more hand on attention, this time also caressing her nipples.

    Alice moans slightly as I play with both of her nipples and then whispers in my ear that she has ruined her panties already.

    I look around and can see that the business woman is still watching us, maybe standing a little closer this time.

    I then decide the give the business woman more of show and so I take hold of Alice's top and lift it upwards, exposing both of her breasts to the view of several people around us.

    I then also turn slightly to partly face the business woman and stroke my cock whilst looking right at her.

    I then turn back to Alice and continue to play with her nipples, whilst she continues to aggressively stroke my shaft.

    I then hold of the front of Alice's yoga pants and pull them sharply downwards, pulling them down to about half way between her waist and knees.

    I expose her pretty red panties that have a noticeably darker wet area between her legs.

    I then release my hand from her naked breasts and take hold of her yoga pants again, a kneel and then pull them right down to her ankles, I then take hold of her legs and pull them apart nice and wide.

    I slide my hand back up her legs as I stand back up, place my right hand on her breasts and my left hand down her panties.

    She groans as my fingers make contact with her wet pussy lips and as I start to massage her clit.

    After a few mins of steady massage, Alice is groaning and bighting her lip and I pamper her nipples and her clit at the same time.

    I then take hold of her panties and as before, I pull them down to her knees.

    Alice is not very exposed, almost completely naked, with her breasts, pussy and most of her body on show to several people on the tram.

    I then notice that our shy business woman is now standing even closer and has been discretely filming us with her camera phone.

    I look around even further and as a person shifts, I realise that our position has been caught on camera and we are currently being exhibited on one of the CCTV monitors half way down the tram, which can also be seen by more than 10 people.

    A fairly significant number of people are now watching us, but no one is complaining and some are very much enjoying the show.

    I continue to finger Alice for many more minutes as she gets louder and louder. Eventually she is writhing and moaning as she gets extremely close.

    I then punish her pussy aggressively. Moments later she screams loudly as she orgasms. As she does so there is additional light as multiple people film her orgasm on their phones.

    However, we are nowhere near finished yet.

    I then take hold of Alice and march her across the tram slightly. Her walked with her yoga pants around her ankles and her breasts swinging.

    I place her near a vertical hand rail right in the middle of the tram, I then bend her slightly over and place both of her hands onto the rail.

    We are now surrounded by about 15 people, all with touching distance and 4 of them with their phones out filming and taking photos.

    The business woman is now standard close in front of Alice, but there are also multiple other females around us.

    I walk around to the business woman, with my dick out. I walk close up to her, talk hold of her left hand and place it on my shaft. She grips me tightly and then stroked my hard for a few seconds, before letting go. I then grope her breasts over her blouse for a few seconds, before removing my hand also.

    I then walk back to Alice and notice that multiple other people are giving her attention. One woman and one man have reached out and are caressing her breasts.

    And go around them and get behind Alice. I take hold of her amazing round firm ass, grope it hard and then give her a hard spank.

    She moans with delight and so I spank her again. I then brush the tip of my penis against her ass cheeks and tease it down to her pussy lips.

    I hover my penis around her pussy for over a minute, teasing her constantly until she is literally begging me to insert myself inside her.

    With a hard push, I then insert my dick deep inside her as she moans loudly. The other two people are still groping both od her tits and so I place my hand on her hips and take hold of her for maximum penetration.

    I smash her as deep as possible with every stroke, relentlessly hard. I make her feel all 7" of my dick until by balls are hitting her pussy lips.

    The business woman then walks around and stands almost beside me, she reaches across and placed her hand between Alice's legs......
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    .....She starts to slowly caress Alice's clit as I smash her pussy from behind.

    Alice is getting so much attention that she starts to moan loudly again, then moments later she orgasms for a second time.

    But I don't slow down. I continued pounding her as the other woman continued caressing her pussy.

    Another male steps forward and does something quite unexpected. He takes hold of Alice's hands and slides them down the rail,. Push her whole body downwards until her body is horizontal.

    He then undoes himself and releases his own penis in front of Alice's face.

    Alice knows what coming next, but before she says anything, the other guy takes hold of her by the hair and forces his dick into her mouth. She gags loudly as he slams the back of her throat.

    Alice is now being spit roasted between two cocks, whilst being fingered and groped by three other people. There are now five people making use of / pleasuring Alice.

    Alice rocks back and forth as two cocks pound her almost in synch.

    A few minutes later, Alice has been absolutely pounded and I am getting close.

    The other guy is also getting close and so we both pull out.

    I take hold of Alice and push her onto her knees. We both stand in front of her stroking our shafts in front of her face and eventually we both ejaculate with thick cum all over her face.

    Alice moans with pleasure as her face gets covered in cum, some going on her mouth and some dripping down onto her chest.

    We then pull away and to our surprise two more guys move forward. They have been stroking for a while already and also want to give Alice a present.

    A minute or so later they also both ejaculate over Alice and once done her face is absolutely covered in cum.

    Several people take photos, including myself.

    I then tell her that she had to clean herself up and she has to swallow every drop of cum.

    We then stand and watch her as she wipes cum off her face with her fingers and licks her fingers clean them clean.

    Once she is clean, I then tell her to clean my penis. And so like a good girl she licks my shaft clean. She then licks the other three shafts for good measure.

    We then let her get back up again, but as she does so several guys take their time to grope her extensively. Her ass and breasts gets squeezed relentlessly by ten pairs of hands and some guys even finger her again and insert two fingers inside her.

    10 minutes later she is still being groped, completely surrounded and groped by 10 guys, she then moans as one of the guys fingers her to her third orgasm.

    We are coming towards the end of our journey now, so I get the guys to part company and give Alice a chance to get dressed, She removed her ruined panties though and I keep her panties and bra as mementos and do not let her put them back on.

    Even after she is dressed, multiple more guys grope her ass and tits right up until the point where we are about to get off the tram and the tram is coming to a halt

    The tram stops and we get off, making our way towards home.

    On the walk home, it is dark, but slightly street lit with the odd passing car or person. I then tell her to take her top off. She does as she is told and we walk a few hundred metres down the street with her boobs on show.

    Several cars pass and beep their horns and I encourage her to turn towards them and give them a full show.

    We pass a single stationery car at a red light with the drivers window open. The guy looks shocked as we approach, Alice only wearing tight yoga pants, with her boobs out.

    I stand alice in front of the guy and pull her yoga pants down slightly. I encourage the guy to touch her and so he proceeds to put his hand between her legs and finger her.

    The traffic light turns Green, but the guy ignores it and continued touching Alice, I then bend her over so that he can grope her boobs.

    I let him grope her for another minute, but then other cars arrive and beep at him. He has to go and so we pull away and he drives away.

    I pull up Alice's yoga pants and we continue walking down the street. I also hand her back her top and she recovers her boobs.

    We are at her house now. We get to her doorstep, slightly set back form the road and a few steps up.

    I then grope her tits and ass myself, we kiss and say goodnight.
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