The Theme Park of Patricia m'Lady

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    "Come one, come all to the 2011 Queef Fair. Smell all of the rancid soiled wet dank yeast covered disease packed queefs you can for 18.99 today ONLY! For two more dollars, you can have thick milky musty raunchy clobbered clotted cloudy murky mildewy mucus filled squirt sprayed on your face as you blink multiple times in disbelief. Don't worry if it doesn't all come out at first, it's like a pimple. The junk has been in there for weeks and it has to tear through the urethra to share its smell with YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU!!! Some of them even squirt SOLID MOUNDS OF FESTER SIN JUST FOR YOU!

    And for those of you who like those useless Vienna meat sticks, we have 'em bent, fried, bruised, long, short and even the carried-by-ants show! We have 'em off the body, duct taped in a row to make a junk house centipede. Come watch it feast as it gets angry while devouring sex crumbs from Aphrodite's ass flakes! Come watch the sour aromatic goo slowly leak out of it's head like a congested moose's nose in the winter.

    Or are you a more stylish Fred or Betty? Like the sweet dung smell of water and feces in the morning? Well we have corn holes GALORE for YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU! Some prolapsed, some gaped, some Ex-laxed, some raped. Holiday blues got you down? Come fist a loose drunken one and see what tricks you find in there ALL ON THE HOUSE!

    Come the heck on down to Shot First Asked Why Shoot Later Theme Park and get your funky duck on!

    I hope you bring mustard! Because we have al of the cup taste you can get!"

    The commercial ended. It really did. Why would I lie? You can go if you want or disbelieve it exists.

    Wallberg and Marcus looked at one another. Then they looked at the wall. A gigantic vagina appeared on either side of the room. A cough came from both sides. The orifice constricted then released a 5'5 inch mass covered in gloop. "We are Kaneseze if you please! We are Kaneseze if you don't please..." The two globular objects began to sprout limbs. The two males began huffing and howling as bees and termites flew and crawled, respectively, out of their ears. The masses continued, "If you find a lady in the bumpy loo... Then we will make her pop that Coke con with her hair." They were done wigging out, and the masses had formed into two very voluptuous women.

    "Do.... What... What are you?" Marcus finally stammered. "You have papa's eyes, and the president's legs..." Wallberg added. "We? We? You! You! You! You!. We are you." They moved in sync as they approached the lads. "mmmmmm bop our poison ivy. Gleefully? We need it and you want it." The wall cunts continued to cough slime. With every gesticulation, the two humanoid forms gained clothes. Wallberg ejaculated in excitement- "Lemme' get the yogurt. Just a sec, the yogurt man... The yogurt!" He hunched over forward and began to run out of the room as he masturbated quickly hitting the top of his opened fist to his chin with every jerk up. He was glad he hadn't been holding knives or his chin would look like an Al-Jizera beheading video. One of the bees that escaped quickly flew in front of him with her legs spread open. In a light voice, a termite crawled out of its vagina to the base of the bee's leg and also spread its legs exposing another vagina. It was pink and white with purple raised freckles on it. A tiny voice molested his ears as he continued to hunch fuck himself. "Would you like our deep tuck big boy? Would you? You would wouldn ya?" He, like a wide receiver, turned quickly passing them. They swiveled away in the gust of his wind yelling "Your body odor makes us wet stink man!" He had a mission and he didn't want to stray from it one bit. "I have to get the yogurt. No other way." Marcus was still in the other room with the two clad vaginal discharged humanoids. One of the wall clitorises became very much so erect. The heat emanating from it caused the optical illusion of space distorting above it much like the ground out yonder appears to be raised over a divide of reality with waves of space rippling above it. "Berg, you got the yogurt yet?" Wallberg didn't respond. He had came fourteen consecutive globs of coagulated semen on his own face, and slipped into the garbage pail in the kitchen near the pantry near the window which showed that their abode was near a bank which was near a cemetery, which wasn't even close to the two lad's house to begin with. As he fell, the humanoid to left's pants started to bulge quickly from the back. "What the hell is going on Hinkly? What the froth is going on?" She... it... responded "I am excited Marcus." It grew even more. "I am excited Marcus and I want for you to please me." "But I don't get this. Where the devil is Hinkly? I don't get it at all... Is that a smell rod?" He fell to his knees. "It's making my hernia act up. Make it stop." Whenever any one had a larger penis than Marcus, his hemorrhoids and hernias would get agitated. He sensed that the humanoid, with its breasts that flopped and jiggled with every breath it took, had a phallus much larger than his own smell rod. "Bank the boogie, pop a totterlene and Betsy! Stop it!" He was doubled over in pain at this point. The growth in her... its pants stopped. The humanoid's expression was blank. Like a doll's. Its head turned to the side like a dog's. The pants instantly broke apart each fragment of stink holder falling to the floor. Marcus quickly closed his eves are he began to rock back and forth. Wallberg had gashed his heath open and had chunks of his brain exposed. He slowly fanned the bees and termite from it as he staggered back into one single yogurt packet. "This is all I could find." He said with glossy, smoked veiled eyes. "All I could find." He almost fell forward. Instead he let the yogurt container fall to the ground while he approached the wall cunt. He started wanking again as blood poured down his face, onto his shirt and neck, and dripped on the floor. "Why did we only buy Persian throw rugs?" He thought. There was already female semen and shredded clothes on the floor. The clothes wouldn't have been a problem if they weren't made from puss wetness. "I have to be in there Mark. I'll be back. I'm about to die man. Hinkly ain't here and I'm about to die." The entrance was wet and soft but smelled horrible. He wiggled his way passed the labia of the erected clit wall cunt. In front of the still bent over Wallberg was a feminine humanoid with huge flopping gajungahz standing with her hands in a fist on her waist. Two stark white stubby cylinders floated one clock wise and one counter clock wise. "Lick the center of one Kaneseze cyl and rub the center of the other hume man."

    Will they ever get to Shot First Asked Why Shoot Later Theme Park???????