The step mom

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    Since I'm Board, With all this free time on my hands. I thought I would try writing some more stories. So here it is, More Bad Erotic Fiction by The Mikey:D

    The Step Mom.

    Bill Along with his sons, Jesse 18, And his brother Josh 20. Had just moved in to the big house,down the street. Bill and the boys Mother, Had gone through a bitter divorce. Mom was out, And Bills 25 year old mistress was in. Beth was tall, fit with long sexy legs, She had perky store bought silicone tits. Along with pretty long blonde hair. In other words a boys wet dream.

    Bill was a Congress man, Who spent lots of time in DC. Leaving his Gold digging mistress at home, With the boys, Or at the time Young Jesse, Josh was away at college.

    To the boys. Beth was more like a friend, Than a parent. She allowed Jesse to be a party animal, Inviting all his friends over, She would go buy the booze, The weed and pay the Pizza delivery guy, And after the party, She would use Dads credit card, To get the house and yard cleaned up.

    Then she would all most turn Jesse in to a slave, Waiting on her hand and foot, It was spring time, an 80 degree day. Beth laid out in the sun, Developing her tan for summer. Just in a thong and bikini top, While Jesse brought her a mixed drink, Then he would massage the baby oil ln to her soft skin.

    He had never been this close to a woman before, Not even his current girlfriend would allow him to do this.

    Beth falls asleep, Or so Jesse thinks she's asleep. He leaves her and returns to his room, With a real boner. Out of his swim trunks Lying on his bed, He starts to fuck his fist. Beth gets up to go to the bathroom.

    " Oh Beth! " She hears him moaning, From his room, She peeks in to the crack of the door, Watching him stroke his muscular cock A smile on her face, as she strips off, The bikini top, and drops her thong.

    He moans again, She watches as the cum flies through the air, Landing on his muscular, broad chest. It leaves a trail down his was board abs. She pushes the door open, Jesse had a startled look on his face.

    " you were watching me! " She smiled at him.

    : " I was listening to. You were calling my name...Not Becky, Your girlfriend. " Beth licks her lips, As she climbs in to bed with him. She kisses his lips, Pushing him down on to the bed. She brakes her kiss.

    " We can't waste your man juice " She goes right to his cock, Licking up his seed that he shot, From the head of his cock up his body, Licking up the cum trail, All the way back up to his face. They kiss again. She shared his load, Driving the cum in to his mouth with her tongue.

    Then it was back to his hard erect cock Giving him a hand job,

    " Does your girlfriend do this for you? "

    " No "

    " Maybe you should find a new girlfriend. " She then goes down on him, taking his cock in to her mouth When she thought he was ready, It was time to fuck. Her pussy was so tight, He thought, But it was his first, So he didn't have anything to compare it to.

    The two of them fucked away, The entire afternoon and in to the night, Until Dad come home. Beth quickly left Jesse's room, She covered herself with his robe. His Dad didn't even notice. As Beth fixed him dinner And poured him a drink. Off to bed, the couple went, Dad liked to eat pussy, He didn't even notice his sons spunk was all up inside his sexy girlfriends pussy.

    With in time, His brother Josh would be fucking Beth all so, Beth convinced Jesse to dump, The girlfriend, That wasn't giving him no pussy.

    " An older woman is what you need. " She told him, And so the hunt for the older woman begins.:)
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